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Second Life Photography|Blogging| Anything! How To’s:

Strawberry Singh.com – everyone who’s anyone in the SL blogosphere has at one time or another been a recipient of Ms. Strawberry’s remarkable and artistic talent. Her tutorials helped me to overcome my fear of Photoshop and the Second Life Viewer lol. If this is not on your blogroll, or bookmarked, it should be.

Its Only Fashion Blog – rich resource for everything including lighting|shadows, viewer preferences, and how to’s for marketing your fashion blog.

Katey Coppola’s Youtube Tutorials– simple, easy to understand, and you can’t help but giggle with her. Her sense of humor is contagious and I appreciate that she keeps her tuts, short and sweet.

SL Blogger Support– this is a great community of bloggers veterans and new folk alike. You can join their in world group here.

Pics By Peep– Peepsideshow’s series of PicMonkey tutorials were originally written as part of Strawberry Singh’s “Teach me Something Meme”,  but have found a great audience for those of us who are Photoshop/Gimp’d out. I most often use PicMonkey for final touches before publishing any images.

Alex and Hero– Tutorial on Windlight Creation and Photoshop basics. Easy to follow and this tut was also featured in the “Teach me Something Meme”.

Blogging Bootcamp by Express Zenovka for Luna Jubilee

Xantheanne’s 2nd Life – Snapshot tips and tricks.

Virtual Writers World – A popular online writers’ community committed to showcasing established and emerging writers in a range of interactive and immersive environments. Here we learn to experiment with digital, social and virtual world platforms to push the creative envelope and develop a strong, unique voice.

Caitlin Tobias’ Getting More Out of Flickr – A great compilation of tips and tricks for fellow SL Bloggers to use Flickr to its utmost potential.

Part 1 Here
Part 2 Here
Part 3 Here

Blogging Second Life – Second Life’s original store and blog directory (updated!)

Non Second Life Links:

Couture Collection : adding layered textures can dramatically change your image’s mood. This tutorial has some great before and afters, and very helpful with knowing what effect to use (overlay, multiply etc) over an image. Should have some basic knowledge using image editors (photoshop, gimp, pixlr, etc).

The CoffeeShop Blog: a great source for free textures, this set is called ‘Baking with Mom’ and is one of my favorites to use for working with themed portraits. Also for intermediate photo editing skills.

The Power of Social Media/Networking : This is simply a MUST watch vid on how to utilize social media to your advantage, be it brand marketing, your SL blog etc.. But just a warning, he uses very strong language so be sure you’ve got headset on!

Shall add more as I learn along the way. Aloha and hope this helps.



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