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Cozey Snaps ~ Shoetopia!

Thought I’d try that whole ‘fashion posting without writing’ thing with a brand spankin’ new category… Cozey Snaps! Like the feeling you get wrapped in a snuggie, opening the front door, only to have Jack Frost not just nip at your nose, but tear the whole thing off! Ahh Cozey Snaps… when the world doesn’t need another paragraph… just the facts. (under 200 words…what number am I on?) Cozey Snippets.. Cozey Cutoffs? 75 words so far, man this is great! Shoetopia Limos are available and yours for the taking 😀 Just click on either snap! Have fun shopping 😀 Featured Items: Shoes- *Sax Shepherd Designs’ Saddle Jane Flats for Shoetopia Hat- Elysium Audrey Hat Gacha for Shoetopia Dress- Les Petits Details’Fiona Outfit Book Prop by Alouette Mug from .lame Location: Lost Horizon (Under Construction)