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L2S #43 Midweek Mix and Match

If you’re any where near any coastline, you’ll understand my bit of rant when I say, this fog nearly suffocated the joy out of my life lol. The sun finally poked through earlier this afternoon during this shoot and so, thought it be nice to share this today rather than tomorrow. More from the second annual Boho Culture Fair, aren’t these skirts from Pure Poison great? I also nabbed Luas Nicky Top as well as this Owl Jewelry set all at the Fair, I guess I’ve jumped into the Owl anything fandom too 🙂 The Cosmetic Fair is still in full force and for some reason I keep going back, because I know I’ve missed something. I’m starting to collect more and experiment but it seems like my avies face is not meant for the more flamboyant designs. So, still a work in progress. Kosh is another brand at the Cosmetic Fair, and I’m so loving the Pochep Nails almost akin to elegant goth (I think). I was reading on someone’s plurk about an idea …

22769, Zibska for L’accessoires

 L’accessoires brings familiar designers back to light for the month of October. I’m wearing 22769’s Obi blindfold in green and white. They’ve really taken to this eye fashion wear trend. Also Zibska’s Minori collar is another great addition to this cycle, includes 2 extra pieces (which I don’t have shown here but here’s a full compilation) Bliensen + MaiTai’s Mailin Satin Black and Red shoes grace my feetsies and I chose to wear something ‘bun’ like  for my weave errrr hair, from Dura!  Have a great morning and I would just like to take this time to say, Thank you. Thank you, lurker, reader, fan-er, stalker, spellchecker.. thank you for visiting Cozey and making it a part of your blog hopping adventures 🙂 See ya in a lil bit~ Featured Items: *Zibska’s Minori Collar for L’accessoires *22769 Obi Blindfold for L’accessoires Bliensen + MaiTai’s Mailin Shoes Dura Girl**08 Hair ‘lady’s hair’ Peqe Pisces Jumpsuit Kosh’ Pochep Nails (slink av/e) for The Cosmetic Fair Pose 2- Apple Spice Sweet Pose 001 for Boho Culture