The Virtual Connoisseur – SLB13 Exhibit


We are back at it again to celebrate Second Life’s ® 13th Birthday Celebration, and this time, I am taking you on a whirlwind tour of my top picks for Virtual Restaurants!

Adventures in SL Dining! Okay so its not a very sexy tagline, but I concur, there is a sense of adventure in finding the perfect spot to enjoy company! The Virtual restaurant, cafe, coffeehouse ‘communities’ are alive and well in Second Life®.

They are a great alternative to the  nightclub scene, encourage and foster community involvement on a smaller scale with  level of intimacy of your choosing. With your permission, we present The Virtual Connoisseur’s Top Picks for SL Dining!

Bella Bistro 

  • No reservations needed
  • Stylish, modern decor and interior
  • You can grill at the table!

Brunel Hall Restaurant and Hotel

  • No reservations needed
  • Classic interior with a hint of Neo-Victorian themes spread throughout
  • Part of New Babbage Community
  • Open Bar!

Ravenscroft Alpine Restaurant

  • Location, location, location!
  • Cozy interior and the views are magnificent

Rosewood Cafe 

  • Close knit community feel
  • Never, ever, ever closes
  • Located at the beautiful Fleeting Heart region
  • Pictures, take LOTS of pictures!

The Pen – Beatnik Hangout

  • Very much like the cafes here in Seattle, the vibe, the decor, and live events if you’re lucky
  • Part of The Bay Community
  • No reservations needed… come on now.

Empire Paradise

  • FREE BUNS, the edible kind.. no the really edible kind.
  • Homey interior, very realistic in that, there is a rice cooker sitting on the stove. Like mine, in my real home. That’s a plus.
  • Lots to explore in this region, so do take a friend.

To fully experience my exhibit, here are a few things you can do:

1. Ambient and Sounds should be enabled (How to –

2. Set your Windlight Settings to Coastal Sunset (How to-

3. If you are able to, set graphics slider to Best or above (Ultra)

4. Grab and Go! There is an ice cream stand, a snowcone stand and watermelon for the taking and sharing! Or have a seat, and rest your pixelated tootsies.

5. We are located on the Spectacular region, just blocks away from 1920’s Berlin Exhibit and the Firestorm Exhibit!

6. My co-builder this year is Manis Lane, who provided the seating and table arrangements as well as the international flags that are represented. Manis Lane is the owner/author of ‘Our Everyday’ Fashion and Home/Garden Blog.

7. Radio Streaming provided by Vipera Radio, the Official Radio station of Club Vipera in Second Life®. “Events Daily 5pm, 7pm, 9pm & 11pm (afterparty)! Escape to Vipera!”
Visit their exhibit @ Spellbound here!

8. Take snapshots and send them to me via Email! You can view them below ❤

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