The Rooms of my Heart – SLB12 Exhibit

Second Life celebrates its 12th Birthday with this year’s theme of, “What Dreams May Come” and CozeySL  will be participating!

The ‘Rooms of my Heart’ are a culmination of experiences, thoughts and dreams that have helped me along the journey to self discovery in both worlds.

This exhibit also coincides with my final project as a learner at Medici University, a virtual based, online college located in Second Life.

There are 5 themed ‘rooms’ in this exhibit, each named after a series of poems and short stories I’ve published over the years here on Cozey. The images used on each of the backdrops are of actual SL locations and were taken by yours truly.

Chasm – Xin

Overworld- Garden of Dreams

Dream Land- Dark Dahrma’s Haunted Manor and Haunted Forest

Storybook- Baja Norte

Some of these writings are an homage to the works of CS Lewis, more specifically The Chronicles of Narnia, as well as a scenic rendering of Edgar Allan Poe’s Dreamland, or my interpretation  anyway O.O

The Rooms of my Heart is located on Impressive (region)

The Rooms of My Heart by Wendz Tempest

The rooms of my heart are opened to thee, the dreams of my mind so invitingly.
A picture I offer of visions unspoken, visitor you are welcome, the picture is my token.

The rooms in my heart, the dreams of my mind,
The fearless, the faithful, the darkness, the Light.
What calms the brooding whimsy? What ails the prudish queen?
What have you to offer for the soul who deems unclean?

O daunting task, this path I dare trod
To a place where even the daring oft nod.
What calms the brooding whimsy?
What ails the prudish queen?
The rooms they hold the answer for the soul most unclean.

Dream Land by Edgar Allan Poe


By a route obscure and lonely, Haunted by ill angels only, Where an Eidolon, named NIGHT, On a black throne reigns upright.

Overworld by Bumblebee 


There once lived a maiden, most tender sweet and kind who tended to her father, the ailing Father Time.

Chasm by Bumblebee


“All formal dogmatic religions are fallacious and must never be accepted by self respecting persons as final. Reserve your right to think for even to think wrongly is better than not to think at all” -Hypatia of Alexandria.

Secret Truths by Bumblebee

Secret Truths

They see inside the rooms of my heart the doors that have no lock and key. They watch and ponder, and look through each chamber at what I have placed so intricately.

Color of my Joy by Bumblebee

Color Of My Joy

On this mountaintop there is a quiet, lasting peace, The skies so bright, and beautiful, the sunshine, warm and free.

To fully experience my exhibit, here are a few things you can do:

1. Ambient and Sounds should be enabled (How to -

2. Set your Windlight Settings to Coastal Sunset (How to-

3. If you are able to, set graphics slider to Best or above (Ultra)

4. Click on the scrolls located at each scene for a short description.

5. Take a seat and take a snapshot! (How to-

*Click on the “Tips to taking awesome Second Life Snapshots scroll” for photography tips and tricks!

6. Send me your snapshot via IM or email:􀀅

7. Visit and click on the SLB12 Snapshot button to see your picture 😀

8. Send me your best cookie recipe… I love cookies.

Resident generated Second Life Photography Tutorials:

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Enjoy the rest of the celebration and I look forward to seeing your snapshots!

SLB12 Website

SLB12 List of Exhibitors | SLURLS

SLB12 Flickr



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