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Fall Frenzy & more

Hello passerby of the blogging kind..hey hey.. did you know that Tarte is having a flash sale this weekend? Really really! Read More


Beautiful Soul

This month at Collabor88, brand spankin’ new, Aloe by AlliKeys brings to us fine and crafty landscaperists a wonderful fall set fit for your autumn scenery! Read More

Quintessential Cozey

Morning poppets! It has been a bit hasn’t it? I felt the urge to dabble in virtuality while my reality sorts itself out. Read More

Bright and Blessed

Hi. I’m Wendz. That’s short for, Wendy’s zzzzzz’s lol. Hey, why not come on over and cool your toesies while I regale you with stories from my much needed sabbatical?  Read More

Best Served Sweet

We’re serving it up here at the Cozey stronghold, and what better way to be of service, than by serving you fine folks the best darn tasting sweetest tea, this side of the virtual Mississippi! Read More

Say Something

Long time comin’ but this ole bag o bones is back in the saddle of life, and thanks with my heartfelt soul inducing appreciations for sticking around! Read More

Ye who are weary, come home

Happy Easter oh ye kitchen dwellers of the dining kind! Newness from Mudhoney, Granola and Hive’s exclusive skybox kitchen hybrid for Uber!  Read More

Mid Between Worlds

Oh hide-away keep the dark at bay, in between the worlds, where the witches play.  Read More

Sunlight sweeping over me

An ideal get away in the virtual realm for the rl green thumb impaired. But I don’t deny that sunlight in both realms, are just what the doctor ordered in today’s scene of the day.  Read More

Against all odds

“When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath..But you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight.” Read More