A-Z Blog Challenge


As part of my self-learning journey through Medici University, I’ve incorporated Astrid’s A-Z Blog Challenge along with a few lines of amateur poetry (from yours truly) in addition to images I’ve captured off and on campus in raw format.

Medici University is a free, non-accredited university, which focuses on self directed study. MU is a virtual campus but have a physical presence in Second Life. Earlier this year I registered as a creative writing learner and even though I still have a strong passion for SL photography, I’d like to use both areas of study to share 26 ideas, words, and/or images that best describe the jumbled thoughts of this piscean soul.

You can find out more information about Medici University here at the official website

A- Alliance


To find a place among like minded minds, is to leave the shallows of wasted time…

B – Barren


Beauty and sorrow fills the emptiness of a soul who thirsts and longs for love…

C- City


 Together they built a haven to behold..a testament to camaraderie and ideas so bold!

D- Draft


The past is past, today is a blank slate! Unlimited abundance is yours on a page…

E- Echo

A solemn voice in the garden of my mind to question the  illusion of time

F- Finality


Oh death, where is thy sting? Oh grave, where is thy victory?

G- Grandiose


A time to ponder the shadows of life, a time to exalt its scathing dark side

H- Home


Change your perspective ‘neath the awnings of home; look to the skies and be not alone!

I – International


Flood the streets of Paris, make way her lover sings! Behold the light enlightened, behold freedom’s offering!

J – Jalopy


Unwanted, unsure, unseen..unassuming, unlawful, unclean.

K- Kamaaina


The beauty of Hawai’i resides in the hearts of her beloved people

L – Linger


Never shall I promise words devoid of love; ever shall I remind you the meaning thereof

M – Mutinee


There will come a day when even the dead will grow hungry

N – Neon


Bright lights in the bright city of fond farewells and swift hellos.

O – Ostrich


Even those who cannot fly, can stand worthy despite the lot that is given to them.

P – Paradigm


 One cannot move forward unless he is at peace with his present state of mind

Q – Quell


Suppress even the minute spark of innovation and find that the fire will consume you regardless

R – Rubbish


‘Make do’ said the wicked and slothful servant. 

S – Sumptuous


 The weight of value so less the cost, taste what is good and gain what was lost

T- Transport


Beyond the open door lies an ending foretold; gallantry, chivalry, stories in bold

U- United


 Awaken, fair dreamer, make up for lost time! Awaken O kindred spirit, the future is thine!

V- Vintage


Worn to the bone, weary in the fight; better to be admired in shadows of the night

W- Wayward


 My future is wrought with obstacles unknown; the road is paved well, the intentions are shown

X – Xeriscape


 The waters glisten and bring life to the barren; gurgling, laughing, hopeful as the Rose of Sharon

Y- Yardage


 To gain in this world is temporal at best; I’d rather my music, to put me at rest

Z- Zest


 The waters, they listen, they speak in silvery whispers; sharing their secrets with other fair sisters.



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  2. Neeva says

    Loved seeing your work and reading your words. It got my day off to a great start. I think the caption/poem with each photo added a lot to the experience.

    Liked by 2 people

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