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Delightful Debuts

A timely corner and playful canter, with shades of blush on whimsy banter. Ideals run high, imagination soars, remembering my station and creativity’s true Source. 

tarte. emily accent chest | New @ N21!
tarte. sheet music lights | New @ N21!
tarte. book stack | New @ N21!
tarte. floral arrangement | New @ N21!

Other Credits:

tarte. vine lights (gold)
tarte. garden chandelier
tarte. balloon light (pink & gold)
Loft & Aria – Dixie Slipper Chair With Pillow
Loft & Aria – Dixie Flower Pitcher
Loft – Soft & Subtle [Arcade] – Flouncy Rug
Loft – Soft & Subtle [Arcade] – Blanket
Loft – Soft & Subtle [Arcade] – Retro
Loft – Soft & Subtle [Arcade] – Marquee Heart
Loft – Soft & Subtle [Arcade] – Retro Telephone
Loft – Diem’s Room [Arcade] – Trunk
Loft & Aria – Blessed
ARIA – Bridal Parlour – Pouf
Kalopsia – 3.Goldie’s Basket
hive // potted plants . gold dust dracaenas
hive // pink caladium plant
JIAN Kitten Collection :: Static (Hi!)
[ zerkalo ] Spring Tenderness – Tulip Basket
Cozey Banner (Second Spaces Chalk Banners)
Apple Fall Hetton Barn Conversion
*alirium* DwarfForest [OldGold]
HPMD* Garden Vine02 – green


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