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Beautiful Soul

This month at Collabor88, brand spankin’ new, Aloe by AlliKeys brings to us fine and crafty landscaperists a wonderful fall set fit for your autumn scenery!

Aloe is the brain child of new up and coming SL Designer, AlliKeys, and should you find the time to, do visit the links I’ve included to see more of her works in progress, and upcoming releases. She is partnered with the amazing Mike Denneny of the Den, and what a treat, her Collabor88 debut is simply stunning!

There are 5 different colored pumpkins in 4 variations, a normal, bumpy, dirty and bumpy/dirty (are you smirking? stop!). I love that the mapping allows for the textures on these particulars to really pop. The trees also come in green, orange or red, with both low rez and high rez options available, (22li or 35li on rez).

Also included in this Fall Set, are the makings of a neat little cemetery, with tombstones available in either clean or dirty textures, and dirt piles (blended or masked). Do check out the demo versions at C88, and do it under ultra if possible to get that full effect.

Don’t forget that Salem is still open and here, I’ve placed Ariskea’s Charming Aristocrat Chandelier in rust for, well for lighting for the wandering spirits, how about that lol… Sidenote- they do include a resizer btw.

Thank you dear hearts for stopping by Cozey today… it has been a FAT minute hasn’t it? But good things are in store so stay tuned ♥

Aloe – Pumpkin – White Dirty – Bumpy | Collabor88
Aloe – Pumpkin – White Dirty | Collabor88
Aloe – Pumpkin – Red Dirty – Bumpy | Collabor88
Aloe – Pumpkin – Green Dirty | Collabor88
Aloe – Pumpkin – Blue | Collabor88
Aloe – Tombstone – Dirty | Collabor88
Aloe – Tombstone – Clean | Collabor88
Aloe – Tree High Rez – Orange | Collabor88
Aloe – Tree High Rez – Green | Collabor88
Aloe – Tree High Rez – Red | Collabor88
Aloe – Dirt Pile – Masked | Collabor88
Aloe – Dirt Pile – Blended | Collabor88

Ariskea[Aristocrats] Chandelier Rust | Salem

Other Credits-
NOMAD // Scattered Leaves
+Half-Deer+ English Ivy
Botanical – Scrolled Wrought Iron Gate
Botanical – Scrolled Wrought Iron Fence Short
Botanical – Scrolled Wrought Iron Post
Botanical Wrought Iron and Brick Privacy Fence
Botanical – Douglas Fir
Skye Wild Grass
O.M.E.N – Crows – Static



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