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Quintessential Cozey

Morning poppets! It has been a bit hasn’t it? I felt the urge to dabble in virtuality while my reality sorts itself out.

Many a thing has been happenings behind the scenes here at Things like napping, snacking, working, and lurking! I am finally doing some RL renovations around my home and it has been a fun, fun experience. Emptying and decluttering 800 square feet, you’d think it’d be easy. Stuff seems to pile up from nowhere, stuff and more stuff, I blink, and oh look, yet another bag of stuff. I am hopeful that by the end of the year, project RL Cozey Fixer Upness, will be complete and with pictures to prove it.

I have missed being around my friends and family in-world. I had stopped regularly blogging back in April of this year and it has helped tremendously by freeing up my time for other pursuits. But that still didn’t help with the creative cravings! And so, I would like to start setting up scenes again at least a couple of times a week, just for fun. The writing also helps.. as of now I have not written a single thing except work reports and grocery lists, soooo….

Drivel on we go!!

My scene of the day took about 72 hours to put together because, I have no idea what is new or in, or out, or not in style, or out of style… or whatever, anymore. I just know that Tarte and Hive are my thing and together their things make me feel Cozey and happy. I hope your Thursday turns out happy too, and if not… tickle tickle tiiickle!

tarte. havana rug | Collabor88
tarte. havana accent table  | Collabor88
tarte. french staghorn fern  | Collabor88

Tarte Main Store Location
tarte. rattan globe light
tarte. macrame hanging chair (no pillow)
tarte. homemade photo hanger
tarte. olivia bed (floral) PG
tarte. decorative globe (traditional)
tarte. snake plant
tarte. lighted ivy A
tarte. home marquee
tarte. ficus elastica
tarte. decorative frame
tarte. floor cushion (ivory)
tarte. emily chair (white)
tarte. emily desk
tarte. star marquee
tarte. star mobile (silver)
tarte. flower vase
tarte. journal stack
tarte. craft clutter
tarte. string lights assembled A
tarte. she shed RARE

hive // simple skybox | Hive Main Store

Other credits
Granola. Magnolia’s Garden Gate. White Sm.
DISORDERLY. / Lightly Rustic / Ladder
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Bird Cage Floor Lamp
Kalopsia – Pastel Morning – Deer Vase
Kalopsai – Plants – High Stand
Kalopsai – Plants – Floor



  1. So nice to see you back with the occasional post, my friend! I am with you on the house declutter conundrum… around here it seems to breed exponentially… 2 boxes of tat and things you simply can’t do without turns into 4 in no time at all 🙂 Beautiful picture, as always, I don’t see any particular set H&G style at the moment, it’s more focused on the season of Autumn, in general.


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