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Bright and Blessed

Hi. I’m Wendz. That’s short for, Wendy’s zzzzzz’s lol. Hey, why not come on over and cool your toesies while I regale you with stories from my much needed sabbatical? 

I am a proponent and 100% advocate of taking breaks. And I mean this in the most literal sense of the word. Been sitting for twenty minutes on your hiney? Take a 10 minute break and pretend to admire the exterior gardens of your work, home, in-laws, doctor’s office. Been rough housing with the kids for an hour of mondays? Take a 15 minute break and command all in ye household that the statue game has now commenced.

Been blogging for 5 straight longsome, lonesome years?? Take a few months and remember what its like to eat real food at a real restaurant, talking to real life people. Oh hi!! You’re MY kid?? I remember you! This is YOUR kid?? Wait a minute. (I kid! No I am not a grandmother you keef!)

All jesting aside, CozeySL did come to a screeching halt and it was mainly due to my health issues. I’ve talked frequently about them and their many many challenges. It was getting to where I had multiple doctor appointments going on every other day, while I juggled work and my kiddies. It was grating on my good nerves and my last ones. Those frayed into a monster art piece I like to call, “The Firey Flames of Mother Burn Out”. Man, that was a spectacular melt down too, one for the books! And a Lifetime series, maybe.

Needless to say, my faithful, friendly lurker, breaks are essential to your well being. You will be so much lighter, and focused when you faithfully take them. They will empower you, they will calm you, and when done for the right reasons, they will give you that much needed second wind. So cheers for breaks! Cheers for the snacks! And cheers for the Cozey spaces that bind them!

Sorry I could not help myself.

tarte. floating dock (w lights) | Summerfest 2018
tarte. beach lights – assembled B | Summerfest 2018
tarte. beach towels A | Summerfest 2018
tarte. beach towels B | Summerfest 2018

tarte. ficus elastica  | Uber  
tarte. snake plant   | Uber  
tarte. fiddle leaf fig  | Uber  
tarte. garden lights (curved)  | Uber  

Previous releases, find them at Tarte Main Store location!
tarte. hanging light B (long)
tarte. boho blanket
tarte. garden lights (curved)
tarte. tire swing
tarte. old camper
tarte. watering can light (green)
tarte. bullet journal
tarte. tea saucer
tarte. cake pops
tarte. journal stack
tarte. lotus tealight

Other Credits
[ keke ] star string
HPMD* Garden Vine



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