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Refreshment for your Soul

I have this recurring dream that my favorite brunch spot in RL is being taken over by overly chatty tourists and stealing all my crepes. This…is my interpretation of said dream. Enjoy 🙂

Apple Fall Pyracantha Berries in Glazed Pot – White | FaMESHed
Apple Fall Swan Toast Caddy & Toast  | FaMESHed
Apple Fall ‘Elvira’ Plate w/ Sliced Grapefruit  | FaMESHed
Apple Fall ‘Elvira’ Plate w/ Egg, Avocado & Toast  | FaMESHed
Apple Fall ‘Elvira’ Teapot  | FaMESHed
Apple Fall ‘Elvira’ Stacked Cups  | FaMESHed
Apple Fall Tea Tins & Tea Books  | FaMESHed
Apple Fall Times Newspaper  | FaMESHed

JIAN Teeny Tortoises 6. Green Blueberries | Arcade March
JIAN Teeny Tortoises 5. Red Strawberry  | Arcade March
JIAN Goldfish Bamboo Fountain Pot   FaMESHed
JIAN Goldfish (Wanderer)  FaMESHed

+Half-Deer+ English Ivy | Collabor88
Second Spaces – Greenhouse Dipped Table – gable | Collabor88
Trompe Loeil – Nevaline Garden Bar Full PG | Collabor88
Trompe Loeil – Nevaline Bar Stool | Collabor88
Trompe Loeil – Nevaline Bar Table | Collabor88

hive // potted plants . gold dust dracaenas . pot b | Collabor88
hive // potted plants . cordyline tree . pot b | Collabor88
hive // potted plants . swiss cheese plant . pot b | Collabor88

22769 – Wellies – COMMON  | Arcade March

Apple Fall Autumn Preserves
Alouette – Medieval Candle Style 1
[ keke ] rainfall glitter
[ keke ] star string
[ keke ] potted herb – parsley



  1. Gorgeous photos, Wendz, and don’t worry about your dream. It’s just about another stage of life passing through – onto the next one. They all have their positives, no matter what *hhuuggss*.

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