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Get it how you live

Happy Sunday fellow decoratorees! Finally hopped on the Mod wagon! Such a groovy way to Uber this month, I dig it!

The Loft – Tennyson Arm Chair PG (there are 10 colors!! zomg) | Uber
The Loft – Tennyson Modular Shelf | Uber
The Loft – Tennyson Lamp | Uber
The Loft – Tennyson Vases | Uber
The Loft – Tennyson Side Table Tall | Uber
The Loft – Tennyson Side Table | Uber

ARIA – Diana Pendant Light  | Uber
ARIA – Diana Cocktail Bar | Uber
ARIA – Diana Ice Bucket & Shakers | Uber
ARIA – Diana Ice Bucket | Uber
ARIA – Diana Bar Tool Set | Uber
ARIA – Diana Bar Stool | Uber
ARIA – Diana Potted Agave | Uber
ARIA – Diana Potted Monstera Deliciosa | Uber
ARIA – Diana Retro Print | Uber
ARIA – Diana Decorative Whiskey Decanter & Glasses | Uber

Ariskea[Mod] Plant Aloe | Uber
Ariskea[Mod] Fontaine Plant | Uber
Ariskea[Mod] Eclectic Frame [Blue] | Uber
Ariskea[Mod] Eclectic Seat [Fade Pink] | Uber
Ariskea[Mod] Lamp | Uber

elev8~ MOD Chandelier (orange) | Uber
elev8~MOD Sofa V1 C (adult) | Uber

dust bunny . velvet shell back chair . blue | Uber

JIAN Kitty Sauce Shelf | Uber

12 *YS&YS* Memories Rug 02
11 *YS&YS* Memories Rug 01
19 *YS&YS* Memories Pipes Vase
19 *YS&YS* Memories Vase 1
16 *YS&YS* Memories Ashtray & Magazines
07 *YS&YS* Memories Grid Vase Large RARE
[USB] – Magazines
[USB] – Straight Curtain Set
[USB] – Retro Clock

Stonehurst Redux by Galland Homes


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