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Blast from retro past

Last couple of days to shop H&G at Uber before next round opens. Grab the details below and hope ya’ll have a lovely midweekendy evening!

elev8~ Hilton-Dining table | Uber
elev8~ Hilton – Dining chair | Uber
elev8~ Hilton Chandelier (chrome) | Uber
elev8~ Hilton – Vase round (twisted) | Uber
elev8~ Hilton – Vase tall (twisted) | Uber
elev8~ Hilton – Vase short (twisted) | Uber
PLAAKA BambooSieveShelf | Uber
PLAAKA Grandmother’sCupboard | Uber
NOMAD // Hookah // Amber | Uber
Trompe Loeil – Cobi Chair PG | Uber
Trompe Loeil – Cobi Lodge | Uber
Ariskea [Fluffy] Eucalyptus Plant [Yellow vase] | Collabor88

MudHoney Talia Drapes  | Collabor88
FD & Commoner: Modine Pillow (Solid)  | Collabor88

11 Fancy Decor: Scented Candle
Fancy Decor: Plastic Side Table (yellow)
floorplan. potted cactus
The Plastik :[P]:- Vindeluna – Tiered Planter
Kalopsia – 5.Goldie’s Cactus – Pink
Kalopsia – 4.Goldie’s Cactus – Blue
* SORGO – Dried Figs Bowl
MudHoney Little Birdy
MudHoney Piper Screen Red
Compulsion Vase
tarte. hanging planter (clay)
[USB] – Retro Clock
12 *YS&YS* Memories Rug 02


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