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Sweet Saturday Set Up

Hooray for the weekend, hooray for break! Hooray for the time you get to create….scenes for your Saturday, decor for your blues. Placement is key, and color’s no ruse!

If you like, I can poem for you in world. SIKE! But still, I really hope ya’ll enjoy this scene today, it was really fun to put together. Fancy Decor has some really great colors in their pieces for Collabor88 this month so do check it out.  Let me know if you have any questions! Have a fantastic weekend ❤

Fancy Decor: Fulton Sofa (black cotton) | Uber
Fancy Decor: Fulton Coffee Table  | Uber
Fancy Decor: Fulton Armchair  | Uber
Fancy Decor: Fulton Side Table  | Uber
Fancy Decor: Fulton Chandelier  | Uber
Fancy Decor: Fulton Rug | Uber
Fancy Decor: Merlot Wine Glass   | Uber

Fancy Decor: Lairesse Table (black) | Liaison Collaborative
Fancy Decor: Antique Candlestick  | Liaison Collaborative
Fancy Decor: ‘ Protection of Virtues ‘Lairesse  ca. 1670  | Liaison Collaborative
Fancy Decor: Red Table Runner  | Liaison Collaborative

FD & Commoner: Modine Pillow (Ornaments) | Collabor88
FD & Commoner: Modine Pillow (Solid) | Collabor88
FD & Commoner: Modine Accent Chair | Collabor88
FD & Commoner: Modine Umbrella Stand | Collabor88
FD & Commoner: Modine Glass Decanters | Collabor88
FD & Commoner: Modine Nut Dish | Collabor88
FD & Commoner: Modine Floor Lamp | Collabor88

MudHoney Talia Pouf – Mandala | Collabor88
MudHoney Talia Rock Bowl | Collabor88
unKindness uK – Modern Serenity Home |  Builders Box

ARIA – Sawyer Rug
ARIA – Sawyer Rubber Plant
ARIA – Sawyer Print
The Loft – Nelson Vase
The Loft – Nelson Bodega Box
The Loft – Nelson Vases With Poppies
The Loft – Nelson Bookstack
The Loft – Ampersand
Ariskea[PetiteParis 2] Classic Curtains
MudHoney Piper Urn
MudHoney Piper Cushion Ink
Fancy Decor: Orchid Blossom
08 *YS&YS* Memories Plant
Cube Republic Alpine Plants


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