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Ready to Bloom

There comes a time for blooms-a-hiding, to nurture for that once upon a timing. To reach beyond its earthbound realm, the bloom she climbs to rise with courage at the helm.

Happy New Year fellow decorators, home enthusiasts and lurkers alike. In case there was any question, yes, this busy lil bumblebee took a much needed sabbatical from the SL blogosphere and mylanta, it was amazeballs.

A few things have changed around here since our last posting. We no longer take sugar in our coffee, weeee have offed the red meat wagon and onto a budding vegetarian one, and we are now working a lovely part-time desk job in the real life realm. What no bullet point? No sorries? No apologies for a lack of regularness-ness??!

Of course not my friend, because weeee, are mindful of the time, ha. So let the year begin at, with a friendly, welcome back and the ever obligatory, ever informational, ever present, ever crunchy, never soggy, credit roll!

tarte. primrose skybox | Collabor88 (See Demo @ Mainstore Location)
tarte. pallet floor bed – PG | Uber
tarte. string lights assembled B | Uber
tarte. magnolia wreath | Uber

NOMAD // Sepia Peonies 02  | Collabor88
Second Spaces – Moody Dresser – antique white | Collabor88
.random.Matter. – Moonchild Footstool – White/Gold | Kustom9
+Half-Deer+ Fairylight Rose Vines – Dusk | Collabor88
Krescendo [Kres] Chandelier | See Info Here!
Dahlia – Piper’s Handbag Gacha – Makeup bag & Wallet – .02 | See Pocket Gacha Key Here!

unKindness uK – Golden Hall Wall Globe | FaMESHed
unKindness uK – Golden Hall Pear Mirror | FaMESHed
unKindness uK – Golden Hall Picture Frame | FaMESHed
unKindness uK – Golden Hall Bunt Cake Stand | FaMESHed
unKindness uK – Golden Hall Round Table | FaMESHed
unKindness uK – Golden Hall Cactus Plant | FaMESHed

{vespertine} – zinc house lantern / double | Avail @ Mainstore!
{vespertine} – antler door wreath holder / gold | Avail @ Mainstore!
{vespertine}- lighted deer head / gold | Avail @ Mainstore!
{vespertine} – upcycled swing seat – windsor / white paint | Avail @ Mainstore!
{vespertine} – golden star garland | Avail @ Mainstore!
{vespertine} – gold star wreath | Avail @ Mainstore!

{what next} Vintage Space Heater | Avail @ Mainstore!
Dahlia – Finola – Mochi Sleeping Ornament – Rare 01
Dahlia – Cabin Candle – Stacked – Mercury/Gold
Dahlia – Cabin Candle – Large Open – Mercury/Gold
Dahlia – Parisian Pumpkins – Flower Arrangement – .08
Apple Fall AF Pheasant Feathers
Cheeky Pea :CP: Vetur Falkland Books
tarte. ivory bed bench
tarte. tiny house lights
tarte. pillow pile
JIAN Kitten Collection :: Static (Sleepy 2)
[ zerkalo ] Traveler’s Treasures – Book Jewelry Box – RARE
[ zerkalo ] Magical Snow Cloche – Kiss (RARE)

(1000pts if you read this far!!)

(5000pts if you comment!! there will be a test)



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