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Contemporarily Yours

Sooo fellow decorators and home-bodies alike, we’ve just hit the halfway mark at the Arcade Gacha Event! Here’s a neat scene featuring ARIA’s Verity Collection and much much more!

ARIA – Verity Bed – RARE | Arcade December 2017
ARIA – Verity Dresser Decor
ARIA – Verity Dressser
ARIA – Verity Dressing Table
ARIA – Verity Dressing Table Stool
ARIA – Verity Big Glass Vase
ARIA – Verity Decor Robe – RARE
ARIA – Verity Rubber Plant
ARIA – Verity Light
ARIA – Verity Table Light
ARIA – Verity Dressing Table Stool
ARIA – Verity Decor Coffee Cup
ARIA – Verity Cloche Table Light – REWARD
ARIA – Verity Decorative Tote Bag
ARIA – Verity Tshirt Pile
ARIA – Verity Bedside table
ARIA – Verity vase With Lycoris
ARIA – Verity Decorative Makeup Bags

PLAAKA GlassVase  | Arcade December 2017
PLAAKA HangingBlowGlassVase A  | Arcade December 2017
Mutresse-Wrecking Ball-Naughty Elf  | Arcade December 2017
Birdy – Gamer Huskies – Walk Brown  | Arcade December 2017
+Half-Deer+ Tea Tin Garden – Mushrooms (B/W Cow)  | Arcade December 2017
15 Fancy Decor: Arrow Curtains  | Arcade December 2017
[ zerkalo ] Golden Shade – Pine Cone Ornament White – GOI | Imaginarium
llorisen // hedwig apartment skybox | FaMESHed


ARIA – Serendipity Pendant Light
ARIA – Serendipity Dressform With A Robe
ARIA – Serendipity Rug
ARIA – Serendipity Throw
ARIA – Serendipity Snowdrop Flowers In A Vase
dust bunny . potted cheese plant
dust bunny . fiddle leaf tree
dust bunny . wood beaded curtain
Compulsion Vase
JIAN Kitten Collection :: Static (Sleepy 2)



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