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Christmas Market Goodies

Something different for your wintery outdoor scene, 22769 presents a Mulled Wine Gacha Collection for Liaison Collaborative’s Winter Retreat Event! Details after le jumpadidly.

22769 – Winter Market Stall – RARE | Liaison Collaborative
22769 – Mulled Wine A-Frame – COMMON
22769 – Snowy Waste Bin – COMMON
22769 – Cahsbox – COMMON
22769 – Lantern Glass – COMMON
22769 – Mulled Wine Sign – COMMON
22769 – Mulled Wine Cooker – COMMON
22769 – Mulled Wine Bottles – COMMON
22769 – Mulled Wine Cups – COMMON
22769 – Barrel Table – COMMON

Fashionably Dead(fd) Gift Winter Tree Large – Snow | New Group Gift

4 [[RH]] HOLIDAY CAFE Lights
Apple Fall Orsett Single Lantern
Sari-Sari – Traditional Christmas – Greetings Sign
Snuggles Ratten Christmas Bauble tower [red]
[PM]Pixel Mode – Landscape Lights
Botanical – Douglas Fir


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  1. Oh, there’s something so comforting about a good Christmas market! Especially the village ones, we have our next week… looking forward to picking up a few last minute gifts and of course, food ‘n drink!


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