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We’ve been good but we can’t last

Yes you can have a merry holiday season when no one’s looking around! Lots of fun finds for today’s scene of the day, Concept, BigBully, and more from the Arcade & Tannenbaum! 

Concept} 01. Geneve. Pallet Table | Kustom9
Concept} 02. Geneve. Pallet Corner
Concept} 03. Geneve. Pallet Sofa. Rare
Concept} 04. Geneve. Metal stove
Concept} 05. Geneve. Wool Rug
Concept} 06. Geneve. Big wool pillows
Concept} 07. Geneve.Clay vases
Concept} 08. Geneve. Tray with candles
Concept} 09. Geneve. Lamp
Concept} 10. Geneve.Skybox. Rare

Concept} *Winter Garden Chairs | Shiny Shabby
Concept} *Gift Boxes | Tannanbaum
Concept} Gift Boxes pack. RARE  | Tannanbaum

llorisen // elia hanging | Arcade December 2017
JIAN Santa’s Samoyeds 12. Reindeer Wanderer  | Arcade December 2017
Mutresse-#Elfie-Naughty Elf  | Arcade December 2017

01 BIGBULLY Christmas 2017 Wireframe Pot RARE | Coming soon to TLC
02 BIGBULLY Christmas 2017 Tree Topper RARE
04 BIGBULLY Christmas 2017 Ornament Stand Short
05 BIGBULLY Christmas 2017 Circle Ornament
07 BIGBULLY Christmas 2017 Diamond Ornament
09 BIGBULLY Christmas 2017 Hexagon Ornament
11 BIGBULLY Christmas 2017 Cube Ornament
12 BIGBULLY Christmas 2017 Octa Ornament
14 BIGBULLY Christmas 2017 Star Ornament

Action Glimmer Fir Tree
[ARIA] Delilah decorative Birch trio


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