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Sauna Sunday

There’s something soothing about simply splendid sauna setting just for you. Today’s scene of the day features Stockholm & Lima, Concept, & more! Relaxation starts, now.

Stockholm&Lima:Nawashi Soaking Tub | Romp
[ETNIA] Modern Pechka Fireplace | Liaison Collaborative
N4RS Valkenberg Park Bench | FaMESHed
N4RS Valkenberg Wall Fence Unit  | FaMESHed
N4RS Valkenberg Street Light | FaMESHed

Concept} 01. Garden. Board. Rare | Shiny Shabby
Concept} 02. Garden. Rocker. Rare
Concept} 03. Garden. Wood box A
Concept} 04. Garden. Wood Box B
Concept} 05. Garden. Cactus Bucket
Concept} 06. Garden. Double Bucket
Concept} 07. Garden. Plant Bucket
Concept} 08. Garden. Grass Bucket
Concept} 09. Garden. Metal pot
Concept} 10. Garden. basket pot
Concept}11. Garden. Glass Bottles
Concept}12. Garden. White water can
Concept}13. Garden. Green water can
Concept}14. Garden. Terracota
Concept}15. Garden. Rug

ARIA – Dominique Towel Hanger
ARIA – Dominique Decorative Soap And Scrub
ARIA – Dominique Decorative Bowl With Soaps and Sponge
MudHoney Piper Lantern 2 Cream
tarte. wine ladder
Apple Fall Flagstones
.:revival:. woven bench with towel



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