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Ambitious Gatherings

Who says contemporary is out of season? We’ve gathered an eclectic mix of unique decor to give your company somethin’ to talk about! Additional pictures included!

Have a fantastic rest of your day and feel free to ping me in world if you have any questions!

ARIA – Maize Sofa (PG) | Uber
ARIA – Maize Coffee Table
ARIA – Maize Potted Strelitzia Reginae
ARIA – Maize Fireplace
ARIA – Maize Print
ARIA – Maize Potted Orchid
ARIA – Maize Decorative Water Carafe And Glasses
ARIA – Maize Chandelier
ARIA – Bavmorda Wingback Armchair (PG) | Salem
ARIA – Bavmorda Ghost Side Table
ARIA – Bavmorda Potted Succulent
ARIA – Bavmorda Baby Doll Candle Holder

Fancy Decor: French Landscape Etching B | Collabor88
Fancy Decor: French Landscape Etching A | Collabor88
Fancy Decor: Beetle Canister  | Salem
Fancy Decor: Owl Canister | Salem
Fancy Decor: Raven Canister | Salem
Fancy Decor: Skull Canister | Salem
Fancy Decor: Snake Canister | Salem
The Vordun: Book of Hours ca. 1450
The Vordun: Book of Hours ca. 1460
The Vordun: Breviary ca. 1300

dust bunny . olive branch heart | ForMax
DYNASTY – Antique Abacus – Dark | Salem
DYNASTY – Qiu Lamp – Brown | Sanarae
The Loft – Armand Skull Vase | Salem
The Loft – Corvus Hide Rug | Salem
Newchurch :: N :: Thompson Industrial Cabinet  | Industrie
[ kunst ] – Jar & pumpkins | ForMax
[ kunst ] – Glass & candle | ForMax

Fancy Decor: Davis Post
Ariskea [Astronome] The building RARE
=EliBaily= Ivy


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