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Monday Modern Mystic

Welcome fellow blogscrollers and decor enthusiasts! Today we’re featuring fantastic finds from Cheeky Pea, Fetch for Salem, and BigBully for Industrie! Details after the jump!

Cheeky Pea :CP: Charlie Bed (tinted) | Uber
Cheeky Pea :CP: Charlie Ottoman (tinted)
Cheeky Pea :CP: Charlie Rug
Cheeky Pea :CP: Charlie Shelves
Cheeky Pea :CP: Charlie Table
Cheeky Pea :CP: Charlie Bluebird
Cheeky Pea :CP: Charlie Plant Vase
Cheeky Pea :CP: Charlie Lightbox
Cheeky Pea :CP: Charlie Boxes
Cheeky Pea :CP: Charlie Frames

BIGBULLY Helena Skybox (tinted) | Coming soon to Industrie

[Fetch] Moloch Bedroom Gacha – Crystal Balls | Salem
[Fetch] Moloch Bedroom Gacha – Tapestry | Salem
7mad;Ravens Seasonal Art 1| Salem
brocante. unfinished wallpaper | Salem
floorplan. neon vampire bite | Salem
DYNASTY – Qiu Lamp – White | Sanarae

BIGBULLY Bryce Side Table
RazzBerry Inc. Skelly-Corn Decor (White)
[-BLUE SKY-] Brighton Cactus C
[-BLUE SKY-] Brighton Cactus A
[-BLUE SKY-] Brighton Console
[-BLUE SKY-] Brighton Console Decor
[-BLUE SKY-] Brighton Mirror
hive // crescent moons [silver]
DIGS – Almut Hanging Terrarium – Succulent
HIDEKI – Floor Lamp
Ariskea [Astronome] The Wood Stack
Fancy Decor: White and Black Pillow



  1. Gorgeous! There’s a lot of grey in furnishings this season, don’t you find? I did an article on the colour grey once with respect to using it in our home environment, and found it was calming but needed the tonal qualities of something brighter, like you’ve shown in the picture, otherwise it could be rather monotonous.


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