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Over by the wayside

The power of finding beauty in the humblest things, makes home happy and life lovely.

–ANHELO MAZDA Sake Shop | Arcade September
–ANHELO-G02_10-178GA :: sink
–ANHELO-G02_16-178GA :: detergents
–ANHELO-G02_16-178GA :: powder pot
–ANHELO-G02_15-178GA :: rice cooker
–ANHELO-G02_11-178GA :: gas stove
–ANHELO-G02_15-178GA :: power code
–ANHELO-G02_12-178GA :: cutting board and knives
–ANHELO-G02_04-178GA :: sake display shelf
–ANHELO-G02_13-178GA :: kitchen shelf
–ANHELO-G02_07-178GA :: noren
–ANHELO-G02_05-178GA :: sake barrel L
–ANHELO-G02_19-178GA :: clock
–ANHELO-G02_18-178GA :: TV
–ANHELO-G02_14-178GA :: refrigerator
–ANHELO-G02_20-178GA :: shop light 1
–ANHELO-G02_02-178GA :: shop banner
–ANHELO-G02_20-178GA :: room light
–ANHELO-G02_16-178GA :: powder pot
–ANHELO-G02_03-178GA :: sake display counter
–ANHELO-G02_08-178GA :: geta ladies
–ANHELO-G02_06-178GA :: telephone
–ANHELO-G02_06-178GA :: stand
–ANHELO-G02_17-178GA :: table
–ANHELO-G02_20-178GA :: entrance light

–ANHELO-M41RR-179GA :: restroom | Past Fifty Linden Friday Release
–ANHELO-M41WF-179GA :: water fauset
–ANHELO-M41WM-179GA :: washing machine

PLAAKA VietnumFruitsBicycle | Arcade September
PLAAKA VietnumFruitsBasket | Arcade September
PLAAKA LogendCuttingBoard | Arcade September
JIAN ‘dorable Danes 12. Ball Hog | Arcade September

Soy. Stepping Tiles
Soy. Shitamachi Alley Garden – Potted Plant – C, E, H, F
Mori. tiles distressed painter
PLAAKA FicusUmbellata
JIAN Kitten Collection :: Static (Hi!)
POST: Marquette Braid Rug



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