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Autumn Arrival

Helloooo Autumn Equinox! My, how we’ve missed your brilliance, your crisp lovely mornings, and your firey blaze of glorious magnificence! 

Happy Friday fellow lurkers, fellow bloggers, fellow residents, oh ye of faithful blogscrolling! I’ve set up a little corner for the occasion as we welcome this glorious season.  This time last year, my RL was pretty rough, and more so as the month went on. Soooo many things have happened in just that short amount of time, and I am just thankful to have been given the strength to go through it all.

Ya’ll have been such a boon this past year, and though we probably will never meet in person, fellow reader, know, that by just visiting, keeps my chin uppity up, and for that I thank you with my whole heart.

Newchurch :: N :: Highland Bench, Oak | Tres Chic
Newchurch :: N :: Highland Small Pillow | Tres Chic
Newchurch :: N :: Autumn Maple Leaf, Oak Frame | Tres Chic
Newchurch :: N :: Highland Medium Pillow | Tres Chic
Newchurch :: N :: White-Painted Pumpkin, Three | Tres Chic
Newchurch :: N :: Tribeca Loft Skybox | Builder’s Box (Walls Modded)
Newchurch :: N :: Mallory Club Chair | On9

Mesh India 01 MI Leaf Decor  | Tres Chic
Mesh India 04 MI Fall Wall Sign | Tres Chic
Mesh India 08 MI Big Pumpkin Trolley | Tres Chic
Mesh India 03 MI Orange Pumpkin & Succulents  | Tres Chic
Ariskea[Florist] Decay Vase Ivory | Arcade September
Ariskea[Florist] Soft Wheat | Arcade September
Ariskea[Sage] Window [Wood]1 | FaMESHed
[ zerkalo ] Antique Memories – Moments Pillow | Imaginarium
[ zerkalo ] Antique Memories – Wreath | Imaginarium
[ zerkalo ] Organic Wall Ornaments | Lootbox

Apple Fall Bushmead Railing & Post
Calm. Vouvant Pitcher – Dark Zinc (no longer available in world)
The Hive – Lighted Wooden Heart
{what next} ‘Hello Fall’ Wreath
{what next} ‘Hello Fall’ Mini Tree
6, [[RH]] YUUKAKU -Rug (beige)
MudHoney Corn Husk Wreath
Pixel Mode Outdoor Lights
Sari-Sari – Of Cozy – Steel Pipe Shelf
Second Spaces Chalk Banner
Alouette – Medieval Candle Style 1
{yumyum} Vine B


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