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Bright Sunshiney Day

Before the latter season rains upon us northerners, here’s a quick get-away dream-cation, featuring exclusives from Concept for this month’s Kustom9 event! 

Concept} 01. Bali Cabin. RARE | Kustom9
Concept} 02. Bali Bed. PG. RARE
Concept} 03. Bali Canopy
Concept} 05. Bali Tables
Concept} 06. Bali Bench
Concept} 08. Bali Panel S
Concept} 09. Bali Candles
Concept} 14. Bali Pie
Concept} 10. Bali Basket
Concept} 11. Bali Pillow B
Concept} 11. Bali Pot
Concept} 13. Bali Stairs G
Concept} 15. Bali Welcome Trunk

Cube Republic CR Plumeria | FaMESHed

Concept} 01. Beach Dune A. RARE
Concept} 02. Dune B. Grass
Concept} 12. Beach Sing Surfing
Concept} 04. Ca’Pepe. Long Carpet
Concept} 06. SurfBoard Yellow
Concept} 04. SurfBoard Blue
Concept} 11. Ca’Pepe. Bonsai
Concept} 05. Ca’Pepe. Lamp
[we’re CLOSED] deck chair light
[we’re CLOSED] paper lanterns white branch
Soy. A Rock [one]
Tiki Tattoo – Chinese Palm
Tiki Tattoo – Baby Palm


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