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Another One!

Today’s interior set-up is an informal tribute to my baby teenaged son, who keeps me on my toes every, darn day and, reminds me of a younger, less estrogen-y, me. Cheers and happy Thursday ya’ll.

Soy. Bed [Your Bed Is Always Messy] – A (tinted) | The Mens Dept
Soy. My Laptop (with code typeA)  | The Mens Dept
Soy. Safety Pinned Torn Tapestry | Rewind
Soy. Leather Lobby Bench  | Rewind
Fancy Decor: Capsule Light (white) | Blush
DYNASTY – Mahjong Table – White | Shiny Shabby
Seven Emporium 7 – You’ve Got A Friend In Jesus License Plate | Pocket Gacha
Soy. Building [WienKan] | Past Kustom9 avail @ mainstore
Rezzes @ 82Li
Fancy Decor: Books and Plant | Mancave

HeadHunter’s Island Hanging banner MESH – Reggae
Sari-Sari – A Vacation Dream – Floor Pillow (Stripes)
Sari-Sari – A Vacation Dream – Journal (Tokyo)
<:*BoOgErS*:> Roscoe Bear
Soy. Super long Hanging Hedera
The Hive – Let’s Cuddle Pillow
Soy + Toro. Hanged Calendars and etc.
Soy + Toro. Torovision TV
MudHoney Piper Rug Cream
Zigana . door deco . mixed




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