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Home in the Morning

There’s a living to be made! A living room that is. And wow, such comfortable ones at that! Cheeky Pea’s latest release for N21 has got us Cozey-ing it up on your Thursday scene of the day.

I’ve an affinity for lounging areas because to me, these spaces are where I am most at ease. If I were to stick around the kitchen, to be brutally honest here, you would probably get kicked out.

I have an ultra eeeeensy weeensy galley kitchen that I work out of, so too many cooks and all of that. Give us a comfy sofa any ole time, and you’ve got yourself company for years!

The cabinet is also another release from Cheeky Pea that is available at Kustom9. Niamh’s Curiosity Cabinet is modifiable with optional textures included. Tons of color options are available as well.

Its a small kind scene today, but it is just the first week of the month! Hope you all have a great day and feel free to ping me in world with any questions.

Cheeky Pea :CP: Cosy Cottage Sofa (PG) Connecticut | N21
Cheeky Pea :CP: Niamh’s Curiosity Cabinet Purple Flowers | Kustom9
Cheeky Pea :CP: Retha Coffee Table Chest | Uber
Second Spaces – Retha’s Lever Lamp – silver/double bend | Uber
Sway’s [Damien] Picture Frame . black  | Uber
DYNASTY – Tea Ceremony – Harmony Balls (Exclusive) | Epiphany

ARIA – Ava Portal Mirror
ARIA – Sunday Morning Cloche
Fancy Decor: Outdoor Rug II
Fancy Decor: Leather Pillow
Fancy Decor: Burlap Pillow
Fancy Decor: Davis Fence Window
17 Fancy Decor: Faux Tusk
13 Fancy Decor: Lathed Candles
04 Fancy Decor: Royce Chandelier
08 Fancy Decor: X Bench
tarte. home marquee
Sari-Sari – A Vacation Dream – Journal (Philippines) RARE
hive // dinner bell [rusty red]
Artisan Fantasy *AF* Paperwhites Round Pot Lg
dust bunny . woodland dreams . macrame art
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Neverland Clock
Compulsion Plants
Bazar Arizona-Books clutter
Bazar Traveler-Books stack
Bazar Tornto-Art-books
Bazar Paris- Books
-David Heather-Blinged Out Skull
Build: :HAIKEI: Save room for my love_gacha RARE


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