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Top Ten Tuesday

We’ve gathered together our top ten favorite reads and scenery for this, your Tuesday Cozey blogscroll, as well as great decor finds from Cheeky Pea, Fancy Decor & more!

Before I drop my super fantastic mega drooling over list of the week, do be sure to peruse ye old credits for today’s scene of the day; Fancy Decor celebrates its third anniversary which I’ll be talking a little bit more about soon. Right now you can find the Durer collection at Uber (also another anniversary!) right along with this great collaboration between Cheeky Pea & Second Spaces too.

Right, so without further a doodad, because I am also a fellow lurker such as yourself, here is my Top Ten Tuesday for the very first week of August!

Did you notice a recurring theme here? Yes ladies and gentlefolk, Project Sansar is now open to the public, albeit still in beta mode. I have personally downloaded and opened my own account, but have yet to make it through all the way to an actual experience.. so when that happens, I shall record my findings here dear Watson.

And of course, straight off the red box of sheer creativeness, Second Life™ Vlog picks!

(YES! There is one, and you can apply oh you brave soul you! Click here for more info!

Alicia takes her first look at Sansar! I was so digging her look too lol

I love her way of speaking to her viewers, and I thoroughly enjoy the chit chat even.

Silver Shine did an amazing job going over the latest Gacha event to hit Second Life™, Pocket Gacha!

Three free outfits? Can’t get any better than this kids!

Have a blessed Tuesday and stay tuned for more weekly interiors and outdoor SLiving ideas!

Cheeky Pea :CP: Retha Corner Sofa (PG) | Uber
Cheeky Pea :CP: Retha Rug | Uber
Second Spaces – Retha’s Suspended Shelves – light | Uber
Second Spaces – Retha’s Lever Lamp – black/single bend | Uber
Fancy Decor: Durer Sideboard (black)  | Uber
Fancy Decor: Durer Chair (silver)  | Uber
Fancy Decor: Black Vase  | Uber
Fancy Decor: Gray Vase  | Uber
Fancy Decor: Brush Art  | Uber
BIGBULLY Serpentine Bench – Slate | Indie Teepee


Fancy Decor: Succulent Bowl I
Fancy Decor: Birch Candles
Fancy Decor: Davis Post
Fancy Decor: Bonham Chandelier (black)
Soy + Toro. water bamboo
-David Heather-Industrio Magazine Bin
-David Heather-Vintage Camera
-David Heather-Industrio Vase1
-David Heather-Industrio Notebooks
MudHoney Drapes Solids
MudHoney Piper Screen Black
3.Cherry house-Succulent plants-Succulent plants modelling-01
5.Cherry house-Succulent plants-Succulent plants modelling-03
08 *YS&YS* Memories Plant 01
15 *YS&YS* Memories Morning Tray
[PM]Pixel Mode – Greenwich Apartment (modified)


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