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Wednesday with Wendz

Aha! Did that title startle you? We love Wednesdays around Cozey, because that means there are only two days left before the weekend, huzzah!

Fair warning fellow lurker, this may be a rambling kind of entry, so feel free to skip on ahead to the credits, I will totally understand.

My typical Wednesdays are now recovery days. It is the first day after my first treatment of the week. Wednesdays are reflection days. As I recover and sleep, and then sleep some more, I reflect on general every day life, even to the smallest of moments. “Did I really mean to cut that guy off on the road?” “Do we need more toilet paper?” “Am I doing enough to spend time with the kids?” “Did I really have to eat ALL the Hershey kisses?”.. Those moments!

The deeper stuff, I save, and I’m still not sure what I’m saving it all up for. An outburst? An outlet? Some poor soul? And none of that deep stuff is bad, not really. I believe it can be a fuel for creativity and I try to tap into it if I need something to propel my everyday-mundane, way of thinking.  It has been five years this coming November, since I started Cozey, and it has been the truest ‘friend’, and confidant, if you can call a blog that.

And while I would love to see Cozey morph into something more productive, and relevant, I know that blogs in general have a very very short ‘shelf’ life regardless if it is SL or RL. So just like I tell my bumbling baby teenagers (they’re not so much babies anymore), ‘We’ll see’. And just like my mum used to tell us every day, “Just hang in there!”.

Thanks for stopping by on your midweek blogscroll, I know its a little different today as we usually talk about the items in the scene, so I do appreciate the indulgence ♥

Cheeky Pea :CP: Isobel Summer Treehouse RARE | Epiphany
Cheeky Pea :CP: Isobel Summer Snug | Epiphany
Cheeky Pea :CP: Isobel Summer Seat Exclusive | Epiphany
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Scarlet Creative Imogen Orangery | Luxe Box July
Scarlet Creative Daisy Weathered House | Past Arcade

Heart – Mediterranean Cypress
HEART – WildFlowers – Petunias
Heart Harmony Wild Loosestrife
Bad Katz Hanging Vines
Apple Fall Flagstones



  1. Whatever the evolution of Cozey, never believe that it isn’t relevant and productive, Wendz. It is a source of inspiration and wonder for me with every single post. You truly make me, your ardent follower, feel at home. ❤


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