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In need of a refuge, in need of space..from all that would be clamor, from all that run the race. Simple pleasures, simple truths, realize your treasures and remember your roots.

This exclusive gacha collection from RH Design House is now available to play at the Arcade Gacha Event, June 1st through June 30th.  

RH Design House 1,[[RH]] YUUKAKU -Building- RARE
RH Design House 10, [[RH]] YUUKAKU -Kame- (rain jar)
RH Design House 21, [[RH]] YUUKAKU -Byoubu- (Screen)
RH Design House 15, [[RH]] YUUKAKU -Sanmenkyou- (Mirror)

[[RH]] Japanese Summer House Bamboo Wallx2
[[RH]] Japanese wooden wall (B)

Cube Republic Philodendron
Cube Republic Reed Green With Flower
Cube Republic Douglas Fir
Cube Republic Hecates Oak
Cube Republic LoneRock Crag Set

Studio Skye Twisted Tree
Studio Skye Riverbank


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