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Cozey Alfresco

Friday how I’ve missed thee, let me count the decanters. I put together a relaxing little corner to start the weekend, I sure need it, how about you all? Check out the details!

*Cheeky Pea :CP: Iota Hanging Chair | Uber 
*Cheeky Pea :CP: Iota Rug  | Uber 
*Cheeky Pea :CP: Iota Outdoor Room Decorated | Uber 
*{what next} Palisades Outdoor Bar | Fifty Linden Friday 5/26
*{what next} Palisades Bar Stool
*{what next} Palisades Ice Bucket
*{what next} Palisades Wine Chiller
*{what next} Palisades Cocktail Shaker
*{what next} Palisades Cocktail Glasses Decor
*{what next} Palisades Bowl of Fruit
*{what next} Palisades Drinks Tray
*{what next} Palisades Palm Leaf Decor

*Trompe Loeil – Chiara Pool Pavilion | Uber 
*Toro. Sliced Orange | Kustom9
*~aKa~Banana tree in Creme planter | Home Expo 2017
*~aKa~Feather palm in Creme planter | Home Expo

*The Loft – Tabletop Heater
*The Loft – Courland Outdoor Table
*The Loft – Courland Outdoor Chair
*Cheeky Pea :CP: Natalie Patio Hanging Bulb Candle
*Cheeky Pea :CP: NorthHaven Light Jars
*Cheeky Pea :CP: Natalie Patio Fan Plant
*The Loft – Yoga Sculpture
*The Loft – Pepta Glases
*The Loft – Pepta Ice Bucket
*The Loft – Pepta Metal Boxes
*The Loft – Pepta Whiskey Decanter
*The Loft – Candle Sconce
*The Loft – Metal Lantern Black
*The Loft – Grow Streak Concrete Table (modified for plants)
*ARIA – Nouvel Pouf
*ARIA – Nouvel Potted Fern
*ARIA – Nouve Side Table
*ARIA – Nouvel Potted Leafy Plant
*ARIA – Serendipity Potted Monstera Deliciosa
*The Secret Store – Folk Tray
*MudHoney MH Calla Pillow3-Key Trim Blue
Soy. Wooden Beaded Curtain [Long-TypeB]
The Loft – Jabode Privacy Screen Yellow
Fancy Decor: Birch Candles
Zigana . home made flamingo
Alouette – Medieval Candle Style 1
Plaaka GranitePebbles


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