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Make Life Worthwhile

Nothing like a last minute call to action to come on down to Bloom for some last minute Spring time shopping and a cute bench from Attic for Kustom9! Details after the jump!

This whole catching up business with the blogging is almost done, I think. Don’t forget that LuxeBox also opens up again at midnight for sign ups for May and OH newly planted trees at Hayabusa are on display as well!

Questions, comments, ping me in world! I love a good chat ❤

*-ATTIC- Round Wooden Bench | Kustom9
*[ zerkalo ] Dream Away – Air Baloon Yellow  | Kustom9
*[ zerkalo ] Dream Away – Curtain  | Kustom9
*[ zerkalo ] Dream Away – Lace Flags  | Kustom9
*ARIA – Anemone Bud Vase | Uber

Last Minute Shopping @ Bloom!
*hive // crate bar [dark]
*hive // diy tent RARE
*hive // newly planted oak tree [with dirt mound]
*hive // newly planted birch tree
*hive // tabletop eat sign [light]
*hive // picnic sign [light]
*BIGBULLY Freja Tall Planter
*BIGBULLY Freja Bistro Table
*BIGBULLY Freja Bistro Chair
*Cube Republic CR Dahlia Plant
*{what next} ‘Bonjour’ Watering Can
MudHoney Azalea Plant 2
{Imeka} Sweets Planters {2}
07. Garbaggio // Repurposed Planter
*LODE* Head Accessory – Forsythia Crown

*{what next} ‘Spring Bloom’ Daffodil Planter #7
*{what next} House Plant – Rubber Tree
*unKindness uK – Victorian Fence Curve & Segment
*Soy. A Rock [one]
Cube Republic Crocus Yellow
Hayabusa Design Mathematical Cosine Tree
Hayabusa Design Toona Sinensis Tree
{what next} Decorative Ventura Bicycle – White
Apple Fall AF Botanical Study 5
*[ zerkalo ] Yammies – Bowl with Icecream
*[ zerkalo ] Yammies – Candle
*[ zerkalo ] Yammies – Chocolate Donuts
*[ zerkalo ] Yammies – Chocolate Puncackes – Rare
*[ zerkalo ] Yammies – Croissant & Jam
*[ zerkalo ] Yammies – Cup with Cream
*[ zerkalo ] Yammies – Lemon Sorbet
*[ zerkalo ] Yammies – Napkin
*[ zerkalo ] Yammies – Croissant & Jam

*Ison Kelly Jumpsuit (Maitreya) | LuxeBox April
*Moon. Hair. // Elusory | LuxeBox April
*REIGN.- Espadrille Flats | Uber
*an Lar Rory Pose Series

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