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Farther along

I desperately needed an industrial ‘fix’ of a sort, so peruse with me, fellow Thursday lurker and lets go further along with the details, details, details!

Feel free to ping me in world anytime if you have questions about any items found in today’s scene of the day!

*Newchurch :: N :: Daphne Chaise | Past On9 Release 
*Newchurch :: N :: Flatiron Console Mirror, Zinc | Cosmo
*Newchurch :: N :: Flatiron Framed Print | Cosmo
*Newchurch :: N :: Alpha Industrial Bar Stool, Walnut | Fantasy Faire
*Newchurch Rattan Baskets | Cosmo
*Newchurch Goat Skull | Cosmo
*Newchurch Aloe Plant | Cosmo
*Newchurch Messy Books | Cosmo
*Newchurch Flatiron Building Model | Cosmo

*Soy. Wooden Bath Stool | Kustom9
*Soy. Storage with hanging basket (modified) | Kustom9
*BIGBULLY Vessel Lamps – B (Mirrored)
*BIGBULLY Vessel Lamps – A (Mirrored)
*22769 – Umbrella Lamp – Black | Liaison Collaborative
*~ by Nacht ~ Rainy Day Retreat | Liaison Collaborative

*Fancy Decor: Desk & Cabinets v. 2 (modified) | Past FLF (retextured)
*Fancy Decor: Salmacis Engraving | FaMESHed
*Fancy Decor: Mask Etching B  | FaMESHed
*Fancy Decor: Rug III  | FaMESHed
*Fancy Decor: Antiquarian Books  | FaMESHed
*Fancy Decor: Classic Bench (natural)  | FaMESHed

*ARIA – Anemone Potted Palm | Uber
*ARIA – Anemone Pottted Fern | Uber
*ARIA – Anemone Potted Prickly Pear Cactus | Uber
*ARIA – Nouvel Pouf  | FaMESHed

:HAIKEI: Show You The Way_Gacha / {1}  | Kustom9

*11 Fancy Decor: Scented Candle
*06 Fancy Decor: Ceramic Jars
Fancy Decor: Magazine Stack 4
Fancy Decor: Stone Disc
(fd) Climbing Plant Green
* SORGO – Wireless Headphones
* SORGO – Chargeur NOIR
* SORGO – Selfie Stick
* SORGO – Mini Radio RARE
* SORGO – Dried Figs Bowl
Cheeky Pea :CP: Natalie Mirror
22769 ~ [bauwerk] vintage camera
DIGS – Almut Hanging Terrarium – Succulent
DIGS – Fiction Skyline Relief – King’s Landing
*DIGS – Book Decor – Lean
*DIGS – Book Decor – Short Row B
oyasumi / triple light
Elysium – pebblestones


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