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Vinyl for Collabor88


Vinyl’s latest for Collabor88, Mina for FaMESHed, and ChicChica for Liaison Collaborative! Fantastic Fashion-y Finds for your weekend shopping trip! 

Dear Lurker and possible blogger extra-ordinare, have you ever found yourself ‘recycling’ previous scenes for other posts?


This is where we find ourselves this weekend as I figure a decent schedule around RL work. Therefore today’s scene of the day is brought to you by V, for Vinyl, whom you can find at the latest round of Collabor88.

The Troy Skirt includes several components; pockets, a belt, panties, and an underskirt. I really liked the fringe work and thought it’d do well with my Loft scene from the other day…like an urbany-boho-chic-tribal vibe.. thingy, thing.

See we’re going places at Cozey! Anywhoser whatsers, feel free to peruse the credits for more info and have a great rest of your weekend!

*:::ChicChica::: Lona Necklace | Liaison Collaborative
*MINA Hair – Ava-Lin | FaMESHed
*Vinyl – Sulu Legwarmers| FaMESHed
*Vinyl – Troy Skirt w/ Panties | Collabor88
Addams // Skyler Long Sleeves

Furnishing Credits click here
Avatar Basics click here


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