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L2S #57 Wander Wear-ables


Wandering wearables, suitable suitables, and fashiony finds for the shopanista in all of us! #toomuchmadlibs

Once upon a time, in the land of Blogdom, there lived a fashionewbie, a.k.a, yours truly. And she dipped her toe into the proverbial pool of Second Life™ Fashion Blogging, a part of the Blogdom, a much bigger, vaster (is vaster a word??) part of the Metaverse.

This pool proved to be deeper than what it seemed, for she fully dove (dove..is that word??) into filling her Blogdom castle with shiny new outfits, accessories, and holdables fit for a Virtual Dolly Princess!

And she grew, and she collected, and she boxed, and boxed, until she discovered her castle was truly bare of everything that a Virtual Dolly Princess should have for a Cozey Virtual Life. She filled her Cozeyland with lovely green things, with running water, pixel rocks, and shimmery, splendid furniture, most 100% original mesh with copy and modify permissions, mind you.

One day, while magically deleting awkward posts about swimming fishes and boring blog memes, she stumbled upon a mysterious chapter of posts titled, “Learning to Style”. 

“Alas!” she exclaimed and twirled with glee. “I’d forgotten this time when I was a Fashionewbie!”. And so the story goes, and we arrive to now. Learning to Style is back, for a while. For it is the reason and the how.

#toomuchDrSuess (or Narnia, but who’s really reading this in 2017? lol)

Look 1-
*Just Because Evie Dress (Maitreya) | FaMESHed
*MishMish Corgi Puppy | LuxeBox January
*Kunglers Leticia Necklace
*Reign Whatever Heels
*Meva MeiMei Ring Silver
*an Lar Poses The Yolanda Series
Kunst & Meva Mikal Ring
Taketomi Kaede Hair | New @ Mainstore

Look 2-
*Tres Blah – Smitten Outfit (Maitreya) | LuxeBox January
*Mimikri – Fur Jacket / Fancy blush_FM_Maitreya | Liaison Collaborative
*MINIMAL – Hoja Necklace Silver
*Ingenue :: Natala Heels (Maitreya) :: Eggnog
*[ kunst ] – Garthwen rings
*pr!tty – Ellie – {Medium Roots}
*an lar [poses] The Yolanda Series

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Hugs all 5 of you faithful lurkers ❤ 



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