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Things which are not seen


For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal.


I have noticed a many of us out here in the SL Blogosphere, slowly come into a time when we start thinking about priorities, and time we spend in front of our computers, taking pictures, promoting content, etc. The pioneers of this said part of the Metaverse, hung there proverbial hats a long time ago. But there were still a few that remained.

And with new content, new conceptions, new ideas, continually evolving in Second Life, you have to wonder, what becomes of the vocation of your typical Second Life ‘Blogger’, travel, fashion, home decor, lifestyles, photography, etc, you get my point. I guess my goal for this next year, for CozeySL, is to get back to sharing what I love.

Landscaping in a virtual environment is two fold for me; it is therapeutic (much as writing is) and adds more depth to my user experience.

Soy has released a few exclusives for your winter environments at this month’s Collabor88. The Mini Igloo Lantern’s are called “The Way to Kamakura” and I thought how poignant, especially given the week we have all had. I’ve included the ads and Flickr links below so hopefully you all have a chance to stop by. If you have questions, of course, please feel free to leave them in the box below.

I hope that 2017 will be the year we all switch gears and look at the glass half full instead of half empty. There is so much work to do in terms of undoing the misery we’ve basically placed on ourselves. Let us be kind to one another, and surely, our Light will mean something.

*Soy. Mini Igloo Lantern Type A & B | Collabor88
*Soy. Snow covered woods (including base) | Collabor88
*Soy. A Snow Covered Cliff & Rock Set | Past Fifty Linden Friday
*Soy. Waterline Forts Wall | Past 6th Republic
*{anc} snow flake field // animated | Past Tannenbaum

Urban Grunge – Buddha Statue
Studio Skye Birch Trees
Studio Skye Twisted Tree
Studio Skye Rustic Fence w/ Snow Bolt On
Fanatik Rocky Mountains Winter


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  1. PurpleButterfly Lykin says

    Perfect sentiments here Wendz. May 2017 be bright, cheerful and soul enriching for all. Hugs.


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