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More to Life


There’s more to life than being a passenger.

Toned it down a bit with some finds from the Draftsman Event, still going on through this month. There are some really neat pieces for those of you who love the industrial type decor (like meee!)

I wasn’t too sure how to go about decorating the Grid Pavillion from Big Bully, it is a unique build for sure. The aesthetics are modern more or less, and as I paired it up with some of the pieces from OneDecor and Blue Sky, suddenly the set started looking very much like a scene from our local Museum of Flight, here in Seattle.

Most of the main interior of the museum has been modernized to accompany new sculptures and the like, so this pavilion would actually fit right in, along with the Aviation nostalgia of yesteryear.

Anywho, I am rambling off a fever here, but do pay a visit to the Draftsman event if you haven’t already, and check out the rest of the wares!

*BigBully Grid Pavillion (modified) | Draftsman
*Onedecor ::Wooden/Metal Work Table | Draftsman
*Onedecor ::Antiqued Wooden Bench | Draftsman
*Onedecor ::Wooden/Metal Work Stool | Draftsman
*Onedecor.:blackboard_V1 | Draftsman
*Onedecor ::Wooden Wine Crate Set -2 | Draftsman
*Onedecor ::Wooden Crate | Draftsman
*Onedecor ::Antique Wooden Beer Crate | Draftsman
*Onedecor ::Wooden Wine Crate Set-1 | Draftsman
*[-BLUE SKY-] “F4U Fan Propeller – USAF” | Draftsman
*[-BLUE SKY-] “Short Fan Propeller – Yellow” | Draftsman
*[-BLUE SKY-] “Short Fan Propeller – Black” | Draftsman
*[-BLUE SKY-] “Propeller Coat Rack” | Draftsman
*[-BLUE SKY-] “Vintage Propeller” | Draftsman
*[-BLUE SKY-] “Propeller” – Metal Checker | Draftsman

*Stockholm&Lima: Redemption Tequila Tray | FaMESHed

*Soy. Summer Lakeside Retreat : Chillin leather chair [BR]
*Soy. Aircraft propeller sculpture [metal]
*Soy. Aircraft propeller ceiling fan [black] nospin
*Soy. Airport runway light [blue-L]
NOMAD // Aviator Table Lamp
Apple Fall AF Natural Weave Circular Rug (Grey)
*Seven Emporium 7 – Mini Music II Jukebox
*Seven Emporium Walk Button Box
*Ex Machina Tower Clock Copper


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