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The Stuff of Life


“You’ve got to learn that life isn’t all fricasseed frogs and eel pie. You want something to sober you down a bit. “

Oh I know, all the stuff is starting to suffocate you, well, ladies and gents, I got ‘a clue’ and woke up with a nasty head cold. Was I asking for this? nooo, but it is rather ironic to be featuring a set called ‘Am Sick’.

Luckily for us, they have a sense of humor over at Sari-Sari and honest to goodness mushroom soup to make you feel better. Now off with you before you catch this muther trucker and as you speed merrily by the credits, do let me know if you have any questions, comments, or herbal tea recipes ❤

These prizes can be won at The Arcade Gacha Event, Dec. 1st-31st!
Teleports-  Arcade Main | Arcade II | Galley Off-Sim

*Sari-Sari – Am Sick – Lemon and Ginger Tea Tray RARE
*Sari-Sari – Am Sick – Comfy Corner RARE
*Sari-Sari – Am Sick – Get Well Card (Stars)
*Sari-Sari – Am Sick – Ice Bag (Dots) *wear*
*Sari-Sari – Am Sick – Comfy Socks (Hearts) Maitreya
*Sari-Sari – Am Sick – Mushroom Soup
*Sari-Sari – Am Sick – Dackel Heat Pad (Pastel) *wear*
*Sari-Sari – Am Sick – Pill Plushie (Green) *wear*
*Sari-Sari – Pillow *wear* (Gift)

*<:*BoOgErS*:> Poor Abandoned Bear (Gift)
*<:*BoOgErS*:> Berr Berr Berr VIB
*<:*BoOgErS*:> Grurfernder Berr VIB
*<:*BoOgErS*:> SherkBert Erherher RARE VIB
*Mutresse-Hugger-Dalmatian Puppies
*Mutresse-Beggar-Dalmatian Puppies
*22769 ~ [bauwerk] Window Coffee Table
*22769 ~ [bauwerk] Standing Stars Light
*22769 ~ [bauwerk] Pallet Wallart Squirrel
*Pixel Mode – Victoria’s Christmas – Tall Tree – Lighted
*.random.Matter. – SnackAttack! – Candies
PLAAKA StudyRoomPegBoard(White)

*Kalopsia – Carol’s Christmas Garland| Tannenbaum
* NeverWish NW* Snowflake Decor –| Tannenbaum
*[Commoner] Monogrammed Stocking / W| Tannenbaum
PILOT – Tiered Plant Stand [Evergreen]| Tannenbaum
PILOT – Hanging Ornaments | Tannenbaum

*Serenity Style – Cozy Cute Troop GREEN GIRL | Crossroads
*Serenity Style – Cozy Cute Troop PINE BOY – RARE | Crossroads

*2. Scarlet Creative Westland | LuxeBox

*Serenity Style- Wooden Swing Bench
7. Apple Fall Patchwork Rug

*:::ChicChica::: Holy headband | Arcade December
*Vinyl – Bean Babydoll Dress Lara | Tannenbaum Holiday Market
.Entwined. Poppy Hair | FaMESHed



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