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Hey man, nice shot..


Now that the smokes gone, and the air is all clear. Those who were right there had a new kind of fear.. they’d stick it in your face and let you smell what they consider wrong.

These items can be found at 6 Republic, Nov 6- 20th (ends soon!)
TP: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Alpha/133/132/26

*Belle Equipe {BE} Wall Art *Red Cross*
*Belle Equipe {BE} Wall Art *Nederland*
*Belle Equipe {BE} Chocolate Rice Krispies
*Frayed Knot .:FK:. Amesterdam XXX Flag
*Frayed Knot .:FK:. Industrial Sliding Door Rare
*Frayed Knot .:FK:. Industrial Sliding Door Double Rare
*Frayed Knot .:FK:. Industrial chair Dark

*<kalback> Kalneken Beer Bottle
*<kalback> Amsterdam Set_Chair
*Glam Affair GA – Oma’s Kitchen – Table
*Glam Affair GA – Oma’s Kitchen – Nederlandse kaas seection
*Glam Affair GA – Oma’s Kitchen – Krokets with Mustard RARE
*Glam Affair GA – Oma’s Kitchen – Appeltaart

*[NO CONCEPT](Amsterdam gacha)6. pendant lamp(black)
*[NO CONCEPT](Amsterdam gacha)10. flag A
*[NO CONCEPT](Amsterdam gacha)8. tripods clock(black)
*[NO CONCEPT](Amsterdam gacha)5. stool
*Ten Thousand & Co AMS-Neon Sign
*Ten Thousand & Co DOPE NEON SIGN
*..::THOR::.. Industrial Hanging Lamp
*..::THOR::.. Old Amsterdam Map
*..::THOR::.. Glass rack
*..::THOR::.. Amster-lamp
*..::THOR::.. Barrel
*..::THOR::.. Amsterdam Car Flag
*..::THOR::.. Dirty Coffeeshop Counter
*..::THOR::.. De Gruyer’s Store Poster
*..::THOR::.. Amsterdam Gouden Gids
*..::THOR::.. Candlestick Phone
*Seven Emporium 7 – Portable TV
*YS&YS* Fast&Curious Set – 15 Wall Clock
*YS&YS* Fast&Curious Set – 07 Coffee Table B
*YS&YS* Fast&Curious Set – 08 Coffee Table E
*YS&YS* Fast&Curious Set – 10 Candle A
*YS&YS* Fast&Curious Set – 10 Candle B
*YS&YS* Fast&Curious Set – 10 Candle E
*YS&YS* Fast&Curious Set – 06 Tyres Plant
*YS&YS* Fast&Curious Set – 09 Homes C
*::no13::narrow house(phantom) (modified)

*Chic Buildings [Cb] Lattice Book Rack with Books Driftwood | On9
*Chic Buildings [Cb] Tall Pottery in Holder Driftwood  | On9
*JIAN Beagle Pup | LuxeBox November
**BIGBULLY Disc Lamp (Projector) – Black | Tres Chic

*DISORDERLY. / LD / TIMED LITERARY / RARE | Whimsical Opens Nov 18th!
*DISORDERLY. / LD / DECAYED URN | Whimsical Opens Nov 18th!
*DISORDERLY. / LD / BOOKSTACK / PILED | Whimsical Opens Nov 18th!
*DISORDERLY. / LD / BOOKSTACK / BOWL | Whimsical Opens Nov 18th!

*Ariskea/The Den [Military] Sablier
*Ariskea/The Den [Military] Couch PG
*Ariskea/The Den [Military] Post office Frame
*Ariskea/The Den [Military] Chest Table
*Ariskea/The Den [Military] Rug

*[IDEZA Furnitures] – Mon petit bistrot Mat
*floorplan. neon III gacha / suggestive banana
*[PM]Pixel Mode – Lights – Straight – Long
{vespertine – bookcart for her}
JIAN PeeWee Puffs :: Companion Black


Choonspiration Click Here



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