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DRAFTSMAN EVENT – Coming Nov. 20th!


Something new is coming to the Second Life Shopping Event experience that’ll bring out the nester in you!

Draftsman, for all intents and purposes, will be the go-to for your architectural needs, and we are not talking decor items or fillers, no, we are talking builds. Builds that will potentially house you or help you run a business, or, gosh the possibilities are endless.

Draftsman will run bi-monthly starting November 20th, focusing on different architectural styles through out various time periods. Gothic Revival, Post modernism, Art Deco, a LOG HOME (hint hint, nudge nudge), these are styles I am hoping will make it to the cutting room floor so to speak.

The designer line up thus far includes brands like: Meshworx, Cheeky Pea, Ariskea, Sayo, Fiasco, Pillows, Cloudberry, Little Branch, Blue Skye, Pewpew!, unKindness, One Decor, EPIA, Galland Homes, Rekt, Panavia, Violetility, and Warm Animations. (This list is subject to change as the event day draws nearer.)

I’ve included several links for sneak peeks to the venue as well as the Draftsman Event’s official website and other information, below so do check it out and make plans.

The next few days will see a little bit of activity here and there on, including the Cheeky Pea Give-Away winners, and much more. I don’t think I am quite fully back to 100% blogging capacity just yet, but being on SL is a welcomed distraction from all that is going on in my 1st life.

Thank you for continuing to visit and poke around, it really lifts me up knowing that I can still come on on here and just let go.

DRAFTSMAN SLURL (Yes you can come and see!)


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