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Merrily along the way


One last hurrah along my river of scenic views, contemplating the arrival of fall, and mourning the end of summer; this one trick pony still has a few tricks up her sleeve! Ka-Chow!

Not really, no tricks. Just a lot of patience with Photoshop. The Flood plug in from Flaming Pear is, I admit, my favorite add-on. And one of these days, I’ll figure out that whole, depth of water-how to NOT make it a horizontal line, thing.. thingamajigie, thing. Someday.

I’ll put it on my calendar and circle a date in 20-whenpigsfly. I MEAN, next year. IF our country survives. Crap did that just come out of my mouth?? fingers? keyboard.

All jesting aside, I hope this provides you with a reprieve from the pumpkins and the hay wagons at least for a day.

But tomorrow, we will take Narniaaaa, forreverrr! 

*Mediterranean Gazebo by Galland Homes | Past LTD The Event (soon to arrive at the mainstore)
*Little Branch MagicSourwood.v1{4Seasons} | FaMESHed
*hive // chandelier [wrought iron] | Salem Event (let me forewarn you, it took a blogger buddy friend of mine 1800+ tries to get in to this event with several huds, so.. uh. I’d wait a bit? Maybe crochet? Bake something?)
*Apt B // Creative Outdoors – RARE | Shiny Shabby

*unKindness Alley Fence Kit | Past Spoonful of Sugar Event Now at Store
*Little Branch Juniper v1
*Little Branch Cattails
*Little Branch Honey Tree
*Ariskea[Mocorra] Tree plant 1,2
*MudHoney Piper Daybed Colorful RARE
*MudHoney Piper Lanterns
*MudHoney Piper Screen Beech
*MudHoney Jade Deck Lounger Single
Apple Fall Trimmed Box Hedge


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