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To be different


“Kind eyes can look on anything, and find it beautiful.”

*Decor Junction/Shutter Field Industrial Bar Table | On9
*Decor Junction/Shutter Field Industrial Bar Stool v1,v2 | On9
*NEWCHURCH :: N :: Flatiron Loft Studio Skybox, Red | On9
-33Li, copy/mod
*TOIZ S.T.A.Y. Bookshelf & Books | TLC Le Cinema

Now Available @ The Arcade Gacha Event (September 1-30)

*[ContraptioN] Stroh Quarteti’matic: The Forbidden Army
*[ContraptioN] Gramophone: Portabox *brown*
*[ContraptioN] Records: Casus Belli
*.random.Matter. – Frankenstein Place – Grandpappy’s Clock
*.random.Matter. – Frankenstein Place – Top Hat
*.random.Matter. – Frankenstein Place – Birth Chamber
*.random.Matter. – Frankenstein Place – Time Warp Rug [White]
*.random.Matter. – Frankenstein Place – Wheelchair [Plaid]- RARE
*MadPea Little Shop of Nightmares – Flesh Eater Senior REWARD
*MadPea Little Shop of Nightmares – Guardian Owl
*MadPea Little Shop of Nightmares – Peruvian Pot of Magic
*MadPea Little Shop of Nightmares – Key Box
*MadPea Little Shop of Nightmares – Nightmare Catcher
*MadPea Little Shop of Nightmares – Curio Cabinet
*-David Heather-Blinged Out Skull
*-David Heather-Royal Assets Tray
*-David Heather-Human Throne
*-David Heather-Gentleman’s Travel Case
*Le Primitif LeP – Traveling Documents
*Le Primitif LeP – Wall Rack
*hive // spare bins
*hive // country drum fan [onyx]
*MC) Mato, // My diorama Town_10
*+Half-Deer+ Magical Curiosities – Unicorn Skull RARE
*Death Row Designs 4. DRD MM2 Birdcage
*Soy. Shitamachi Alley Garden – Potted Plant – E
*Soy. Shitamachi Alley Garden – Potted Plant – D

*Apple Fall Industrial Lamp w/ Extender (Rust)
*Cube Republic Gunnera Plants
*[ContraptioN] Balthezar’s Airship Display: Vautour
Fancy Decor: Antique Rug
Fancy Decor: Candle w/ Shade
*Fancy Decor: The Last Judgement
Eli Baily Ivy


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