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Dream while you can

Far away places with familiar friends_2000

“Fly my child, away while you can! Far out places and new born lands!”

Well I mean, lets just say for the sake of argument that there really WAS a modern shower installation, out there. And that there were geese, gooses, gizes, geeses! fighting over who’d get the tasty little merfolkian for dinnner!

And the only way you could ever reach this particular, peculiar, locale, was through a Tardis? Well.. it sure is the strangest dream I’ve ever had for sure. The consolation however then comes from knowing that it was my wild trippin’ and not your bad reaction to bad food.

You’re just along for the ride! Flight…thing.

*Cheeky Pea Coral Beach Shower (modified)
*Cheeky Pea Aurora Tree (modified) | Whimsical
*Cheeky Pea Catherine Candle Pillars
*Cheeky Pea Catherine Flower

*unKindness uK – Little Bird Chandelier Light   | Whimsical
*unKindness uK – Twisted Oak Bird Bath Ancient  | Whimsical
*unKindness uK – Boho Puff Bench
*unKindness uK – Wrought Iron Fence Slight Teal

*Serenity Style- Irene Mouse | Whimsical
*Serenity Style- Irene Sheep  | Whimsical
*Serenity Style- Irene Bunny  | Whimsical
*Serenity Style- Wooden Dragonfly Leaves | Fantasy Gacha Carnival
*Serenity Style- Mauricette Pots | SaNaRae
*Serenity Style- New Air Tray | Shiny Shabby

*Little Branch LB WildOak (modified) | Coming Soon to Spoonful of Sugar
*Little Branch Tropical Snow Pink V1 | Coming Soon to Spoonful of Sugar

These prizes can be won at the coming round of The Arcade Gacha Event, celebrating its 4th Anniversary!

*[ keke ] look at me glitter pendant light – moon
*junk. maggie’s patio chair. teal. RARE
*junk. pigeonhole clock.
*{anc} miniture/H. swan {sugar}
*Schadenfreude Crystal Cottage- Scrying Mirror
**HEXtraordinary* Merfolk Commoner – Sea Foam
**HEXtraordinary* Merfolk Crystal Tank – RARE
*R(S)W Tin Police Call Box Bank REWARD

*Industry7 i7_i’m a star_bench_wood
*Elysium – pebblestones_big – lightgray granite
*[evoLove] – Flower Vase – Pink – 02
*[ keke ] crocus – purple
*[ keke ] wild lilies – big – blush
+Half-Deer+ Twinkle Stringlights – Vertical – Long
Soy. Stacking towels
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Neverland Clock
MudHoney Amy Candle



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