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What’s in a Box?


Luxe Box SL enrollment opens for the month of August tonight! I’ve put together a few links of my favorite vloggers who’ve shared their take on the hottest trend in Virtual Shopping.

Although I should say, ‘haul’. I love that this medium (Vlogging) is getting more attention. If there were an evolution to ‘blogging’, naturally it would be ‘vlogging’. User experience in our neck of the woods (Second Life) is taking on a whole new generation of new residents.

Residents who have probably come from other ‘games’ or ‘platforms’ or ‘virtual environments’, and are already tuned in to gaming vids, walkthroughs and the like. Retention strategy? You bet your howling screamer!

Be sure to peruse the credits and don’t forget to subscribe to these fabulous Second Life Vloggers!

Strawberry Singh

Alicia Cheneux

Kristin Corleone

Eliza Pastry (Spanish)

These Items can be found in the July LUXE BOX.. which Luxe Box Members can purchase at the Luxe Box Boutique.

*Tarte Skylar Hanging Bed
*MishMish – Pigs can fly – Mount Sky
*MishMish – Pigs can fly – Mount Candy
*Scarlet Creative Carnaval

Available @ UberSL

*ARIA – Oakley Dining Table
*ARIA – Oakley Dining Chair
*ARIA – Oakley Amsonia flowers in a vase
*ARIA – Oakley Decorative Muffins And Cups
*ARIA – Oakley Decorative Bowls
*ARIA – Oakley Pendant Light

Available @ The Crossroads, August 3rd

*Serenity Style- Country Val Vessels
*Serenity Style – Country Val House RARE
*Serenity Style- Country Val Shutter Down

*Little Branch LB_AspenTree{4Seasons} | Lost & Found

*Little Branch LB_CherryTree{4Seasons} | Coming Soon!
*Little Branch LB_LeSacTopiary2{Spring}
*Little Branch LB_Sourwood.Single{Seasons}
*tarte. garden pergola RARE
*tarte. garden fence
tarte. potting shed RARE
Apple Fall Urne de Terra Cuite
Apple Fall Trimmed Box Hedge
Kalopsia – Tamsin’s Table Plant
[ zerkalo ] Love Nest-Vintage-Books
=EliBaily= Ivy
Botanical – Mesh Mediterranean Cypress

*Dress: Blueberry Misti Shackleton | Luxe Box July
*Necklace: Elysium Dolphin Necklace
Hair: Pr!tty Ellie V2 | Hair Fair 2016 ends today!

*Click here if you need like, the skin maker, body maker thing. I made a page specifically for this 🙂


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