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Words Endure


Even stones decay, but words endure.

*NEWCHURCH :: N :: Balinese Day Bed, Teak | ON9
*ARIA – Oakley Pendant Light | UBER SL
*ARIA – Oakley Amsonia flowers in a vase | UBER SL
*ARIA & The Loft – Llias Rug | Collabor88
*Serenity Style – Life is Wonderful Cherrys Bowl | Tres Chic

Soy. Rattan Woven Chair [natural] | Collabor88
Soy. Super long Hanging Hedera | Collabor88
{vespertine}-sunrise bamboo chime/static | Collabor88

These items can be found at the Okinawa Summer Festival July 15th through August 21st

Tsuru`s Artefacts – Hokoro 1 RARE
Tsuru`s Artefacts Noren no Kyo Machiya
Tsuru`s Artefacts Byobu no Tsuru – 4
Tsuru`s Artefacts mesh ofuru
Tsuru`s Artefacts Byobu no Kyo Machiya
Tsuru`s Artefacts Flowers – 6
Tsuru`s Artefacts 11 – Summer by Joe Hiashi Windbell
Tsuru`s Artefacts 14 – Trellis Morning glory pink
Tsuru`s Artefacts Mesh table 1 li
MonkeyGirl Firefly Bag Ivy
MonkeyGirl Bag Leaf
BALACLAVA!! Zen Folding Screen (Bamboo)
BALACLAVA!! Zen Floor Lamp (Natural)
BALACLAVA!! Zen Indoor Fountain

Artisan Fantasy *AF* Houseplant Snake Plant
Artisan Fantasy *AF* Houseplant Spathiphyllum
O.M.E.N – My Pet Adventure – Wisteria Bonsai
Culprit Terracotta PLanter with Bamboo
Yew Bonsai by Cube Republic
tanakamura – kagu [tmk] skyroom
*hive // glass bulbed candles




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