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The Story of Summer


Season’s Story Summer Edition is coming to a close, and I have laid out a few morsels for a lovely Sunday respite. Hope you enjoy and have a terrific weekend!


This one I called, “curdled up and sour pussed”.

Raw shot titled, “Moana ain’t got nuthin’ on me.”

And last but not least, this picture I’ve titled, “PhedoraHasAwesomeShoesatOn9”.

These items can be found at The Season’s Story Summer 2016 Edition

*SAYO – Palisades Pool – PG –
*[Fetch] Shore Set – Beach Umbrella
*[Fetch] Shore Set – Beach Chair RARE
*[Fetch] Shore Set – Little Table
*[Fetch] Shore Set – Flamingo Bag (decor)
*[Fetch] Shore Set – Beach Bag (decor)
*22769 ~ [bauwerk] Dry Starfish
*22769 ~ [bauwerk] Decorative Stones
*22769 ~ [bauwerk] Beach Crate Table
*22769 ~ [bauwerk] Leather Flip Flops
*22769 ~ [bauwerk] Beach Comber Rug
*22769 ~ [bauwerk] Caged Bottle
*22769 ~ [bauwerk] Leather Plate
*poche One day of Emma Sweet tea time1

*Little Branch LB_LeSacTopiary2{Spring} | Cosmo

*[Black Bantam] Broken Wooden Garden Flower Basket Assorted
*[Black Bantam] Windy Pom Pom Flower White
*[Black Bantam] Pom Pom Flower Bunch White
*[Black Bantam] Standard Standing Female Poodle Black RARE
*[Black Bantam] Ivy Covered Watering Can
*Cube Republic CR Pampas Grass
=Mirage= Potted Palm 4

*Izzie’s – Cowrie Shell Jewelry | Season’s Story
*Moon Elixir Cast Away Outfit | Season’s Story
*Stealthic Captivated Midsummer Night Hair | Season’s Story
*PHEDORA Leg Accessorie | On9
Poses: Del May Hippy B**ch, Shy, Miss Ornamental
Kirin Poses Keiko various


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