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The Vordun Museum & Gallery Opens to the Public!

The Vordun Museum and Fancy Decor Sim2

So let your praise ring out into the heavens, in so much that even the rocks would tremble at thine feet and the earth call you by name.

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of working along side a group of brilliant minds, whose vision for one of SL’s best experiences to date, has since come to fruition.

Wow, Wendz, what a mouthful!

The Vordun Museum 1

The Vordun Museum and Gallery is definitely a labor of love, as Jake had put it. I’ve uploaded several pictures on my Flickr and Facebook and if you have not had a chance to visit here’s your chance!

It is a fully immersive experience and so, you will be prompted via drop down menu to enable experiences throughout the museum. *Sidebar* Read Inara Pey’s detailed article for a complete and thorough review!*

My favorite artwork as of this moment will have to be a watercolor in the Lip Service Exhibit. Celeste Forwzy is the artist behind some of the most thought provoking pieces I have seen on SL in contemporary art to date.

Lip Service - Celeste Forwzy

Some of her pieces are available as prints in the Vordun Museum Gift Shop, but not the center painting and rightly so. There are donation kiosks located throughout and miniature replicas of some of the models and sculptures are for sale in the gift shop as well.

The Vordun Museum 5

With this being one of my very last commissioned works in SL, at least for while, I am reminded of the many times Jake himself, had encouraged me while figuring out what leaf went where. For that and more, I will forever be grateful.

The Vordun Museum and Fancy Decor Sim




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