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Wash away the Rain

Wash away the Rain_2000

I need a place where I can find a soothing light, the calming kind. 

These items are available at Indie Teepee

*Toiz Raindrop Gacha Set
[Toiz] 1. Raindrop bed
[Toiz] 2. 10:51 frame
[Toiz] 3. bed table
[Toiz] 4. raindrop rug
[Toiz] 5. 10:24 clock
[Toiz] 6. raindrop wall deco
[Toiz] 7. raindrop light
[Toiz] 8. rain cube rare

*: Lewd : Balloon Left
*NOMAD // Scattered Stars 02
*unKindness – In Tuned Bench w/o Blanket Celestial
*::Knick Knacks:: boho life – hanging mandala

*Chic Buildings [Cb] SEA Windchimes – chrome | On9
*Chic Buildings [Cb] SEA Flower Art – Chrome | On9
*Chic Buildings [Cb] SEA Jugs – silver  | On9
*Sari-Sari – Fish Poster | TLC
*Sari-Sari – Dreamweaver | TLC
*Kalopsia – Cozy Floor Cushion – Snow | TLC
*hive // vintage clock [silver] | The Forest
*Aria & The Loft – Llias Chair White | UberSL
*[ zerkalo ] Sea Breeze – Rugs Light | Shiny Shabby

*ARIA – Bridal Parlour – Screen Mirror – Silver
*unKindness – Starfish Frame Set Blue
*[PM]Pixel Mode – Long Drapes
*tarte. watering can light (steel)
*Ariskea[Isabelle] Hydrangea Vase [Blue]
[ keke ] star glitter


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