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Nothin’ but Love

nothin' but love for ya_2000

Life is immensely, most assuredly, 1000% times better with a puppy to cuddle, kitten canoodles and shade-free friendzones.

nothin but

That is until, you check your IMs one more time, just in case someone was interested in taking you out for a spin. On the dance floor of course.

What IS that smirk all about I wonder?

Some fantastic events starting today and on through this coming weekend, you’ll want to stay tuned! There’s a truck load of credits, so lets just all make happy and let them roll shall we? Happy Throwback Thursday and may you find your back if it was ever thrown.

*These items are available at The Liaison Collaborative’s Dreamweaver Event, July 7th through July 30th!

Ariskea[GypsySoul] DreamCatcher Feathers [2]
Kalopsia – Wind Crystals – White Opal
Kalopsia – Cozy Floor Cushion – Chocolate
.:Bee Designs:. Southwestern Gacha Pair of vases
.:Bee Designs:. Southwestern Gacha Cactus with lights 2
.:Bee Designs:. Southwestern Gacha Kokopelli
.:Bee Designs:. Southwestern Gacha Stool 6 RARE
Bixty Ahawi Dresser Mint
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Red Boho Console
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Books with Holder
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Banana Tree
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Plate with Candles
Sari-Sari – Dreamcatcher Lamp

These items will be available for purchase at the Indie Teepee Event starting tomorrow, July 8th through July 24th!

unKindness – In Tuned Bench Sets (Blanket Navajo, Alpine)
BALACLAVA!! Wall Mount Cigarbox Ukulele (Estevez, King’s)
Yoga Mat Lazy Life CHEZ MOI (modified) (gift!)

Indie Teepee Website | Indie Teepee Facebook | Indie Teepee Flickr

These items will be available for purchase at The Season’s Story Summer 2016 Event, July 10th! 

hive // butterfly wall [purple]
hive // quaint shack RARE
hive // twigged heart [light]
MudHoney Good Vibes Sign

brocante. pinned tapestry / girl gang | N21
7mad;Ravens Star Fairy Hanging |Project7
7mad;Ravens Basket of Wands |Project7
Cheeky Pea :CP: Desert Rose Pouffe | UberSL
Cheeky Pea Rose Camp Rugs | UberSL
Cheeky Pea Rose Lantern Sunrise | UberSL
<Heart Homes> “Lotus Chillout” Hanging Planter | Coming soon to On9
The Little Branch Cactus | FaMESHed

Other items:
Token&Tribe- Beaded Spring Planters (Teal Short)
Zigana . door deco . mixed
Zigana . banjo . indian
A.D.D.Andel! Wash Tub Planter: Fern (Dense)-Weathered Wood
Serenity Style- Neylan Mirror
*AF* Log Planter – Sempervivum
Fawny – My little puppy
JIAN Kitten Collection ::(Stretch)

What I am Wearing:
Foxes – Tassle Kini – Lara – Top – Luxebox June
Lamb. Prove It – Luxebox June
:: Purple Moon :: MeiMei Non La -natural- | Coming soon to On9
*Just Because* Penny Belt and shorts | FaMESHed
Meva Fly Necklace Long Gold | Coming soon to Season’s Story Summer Event
Violetility – Love in Idleness | Coming soon to Indie Teepee
[Fetch] Victoria Paint (Appliers for Catwa and Lara) | TLC


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