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FaMESHed and Friday!

Fameshed and Friday_2000

Better than a play on words, FaMESHed is now open for the month of July! And on a Friday! You know what that means kids!

Slather on the suntan products, slip on your slippers, and hop on the Cozey bus (there isn’t one really, just go along okay?) as we head on out to a faaaabulous weekend!

I’ve also set up Stockholm and Lima’s Alderaan Hammock which is out right now at the Fantasy Collective, and adjoining, or adjacent to it is The Loft’ Antilles Beach Cabana, Trompe Loeil’s  Selah Rock Bath for Fameshed, of course and more that I’ve stowed away in the credits.

But before I let them roll, the credits, not the furniture, I wanted to publicly thank Jake Vordun of Fancy Decor for allowing me to be a part of The Vordun Museum that is soon to open somewhere mid July. There is an entire team of hard working folks along with Jake who are bringing this experience to fruition and it looks pretty awesome.


Yours truly is digging in the dirt and planting pretty things. In heels no less. I’ll include the links below for your browsing entertainment, and you’ll want to bookmark if you can, the Vordun Museum and Gallery is going to be in full experience mode. so think audio, visual, and hey if you’re so inclined, maybe Rift enabled? (I’ll ask!)

Also, this weekend marks the last few days of Second Life’s Birthday and if you have not been able to go and visit, here is my exhibit for a start off point, and don’t worry, there is plenty of ice cream to get you on your way touring 🙂

The Virtual Connoisseur

Take a culinary trip with the Virtual Connoisseur! Hop aboard to visit some of the grid’s best restaurants and cafes! Don’t forget to bring your appetite and a friend for an epicurean adventure!

Visit in Second Life

That’s it for now, it was a lot and I am glad you made it this far down the page, all four of you ❤ Have a fantastic weekend and Happy Fourth of July, fellow state-siders!

*Stockholm&Lima:Alderaan Hammock | Fantasy Collective

*The Loft – Antilles Beach Cabana | SummerFest 16
-The Loft – Antilles Towel Basket  | SummerFest 16
-The Loft – Antilles Beach Treats  | SummerFest 16
-The Loft – Antilles Hat Basket  | SummerFest 16

*ARIA & The Loft – Llias Rug | Uber SL
*ARIA & The Loft – Llias Pouf – White
*ARIA & The Loft – Llias Tray With Vases

*[ zerkalo ] Sea Breeze – Sign | Shiny Shabby
*hive // snazz snake plant [mix 1] | Coming soon to Crossroads

*Trompe Loeil – Selah Rock Table | FaMESHed
*Trompe Loeil – Selah Rattan Chair Dark | FaMESHed
*Trompe Loeil – Selah Rock Bath | FaMESHed
*N4RS Raft | FaMESHed

Cube Republic Sedimentary Rock Stack | Shiny Shabby
Cube Republic Pampas Grass | Shiny Shabby

Cube Republic Eranthemums
*Ariskea[Paradise] Hut RARE
*:CP: Okugai Supa Screen

The Vordun Museum and Gallery on Facebook


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